Morris off to Tranmere?


Yeah, what I’d give to see most of our players have 8 ■■■■ games in 10 :wink:

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SaddlerHQ your spot on in what you say.

I remember 2012-13 very well. Our start came out of the blue. We recruited extremely well in that pre season and we found ourselves cruising League One 7 points clear top of the league at one point. We had Ben Gibson, now a 15 million quid Premiership defender on loan, who by the way even at 19 years of age was absolutely outstanding. James Wallace our captain the best player at the club, who had terrible luck with injuries. Hes now at Fleetwood trying to get his career back on track and he returned to us during our non league days. Helped us get back up but his fitness was an issue. Class act when fit though and a Championship standard player for years if he hadn’t of had his injuries. We just fell apart though after Wallace got injured. Gibson went back to Middlesboro following his loan. And Cassidy who started off outstanding went off the boil goal wise. Hes now bouncing round from club to club normally non league struggling.

I always remember Walsall in the old Division One. Punched above their weight and held their own. Been plenty of clubs that have done the same since of course. But its always pleasing seeing it. Gives us all hope, especially when you see sides like Bournemouth staying in the Premiership. Not saying Rovers and Walsall would reach that, but never say never I suppose :slight_smile:

Palios would have definitely sorted our problems out if we had took over earlier. Was just too late for him and us when he came. Its funny though because even though non league was hell, it did have its moments of fun. Enjoyed the local derbies against Chester, Wrexham and Southport. Was enjoyable being the massive club down there. Achieving attendances bigger than a lot of League One sides most Saturday home games. It does become frustrating though. When you see the likes of Solihull Moors, Bromley and Eastleigh on your matchday programmes. The feeling of utter emotion and joy when Norwood headed that winner at Wembley last May brought feelings I cant describe for obvious reasons. First time ive ever cried (with joy) at a Tranmere match.

As for Walsall going that low, I wouldn’t worry, not yet anyway. Still plenty of time to turn your club round. Theres plenty of clubs hanging on in League Two. I expect Port Vale to be one of the two sides going down btw. Especially if they lose (again) at Notts County tomorrow. They are in freefall and can barely score a goal. Notts County will join them though I think. 5 points adrift and when we played them last Saturday they didn’t even bother attacking us, which is alarming for a side in so much trouble on and off the field. I don’t think they realise what is waiting for them in non league. Its hell trust me.

Walsall will be okay though, although losing Cookie for 3 matches might be an issue. You did well though getting that Bradford result. Stay positive and im sorry for this essay!

Best of luck!



Kieron started our game today. Very hot and cold from him. Sloppy touches and poor positional sense. Produced a magic moment first half taking two Carlisle players out game but then chose to cross (which found nobody) when he could of taken the shot on. Hes a frustrating player to watch because you just know theres ability there. Very much a confidence player who needs something to happen in his favour to get a good performance out of him. Still though, hes far from the worst player ive seen play for us.

Whats happening with you guys? Your in the relegation zone needing points but yet leave big Cookie on the bench? Whats going on in Keates’s mind? Southend seem in free fall and Bradford look doomed. Will you guys get out of it? Weve won 7 on the trot. Wish we could lend you some points but im afraid we cant as Automatic could still be likely given Bury and MK Dons still need to come to us.

All the best!



I think we are likely to swop places. The system we are now playing means there is no place for Cook. Its basically a 4-5-1 which turns into a 4-3-3 when we attack. It is an attractive way of playing but hasn’t brought results although Cook’s replacement has scored 4 goals in 7 games. It has provoked a really good debate on here as you can imagine.

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I think in your current situation though the type of player Cook is would be more useful. Times running out anyway and Keates needs to make the call. I see Cook came on after 52 mins today? Was that because of an injury or Keates changing the system early?



Giving a sub nearly 40 minutes is deffo changing things early. Last week Cookie got about 40 seconds before the final whistle.

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Yeah just turned on the channel to see Barnsley get their winner and Keates throwing Cookie on. The big fella didn’t look too pleased at the final whistle. Keates was a manager I didn’t rate while at Wrexham. Always turned the matches between us and the welsh lot into a dog fight!



Me too, and what a team that was.

Saw then annihilate West ham at prenton park 5-1. Johnny King era.



Hit the nail on the head here. If we do get relegated, and DK goes, I could imagine KM getting a new deal and being back in our first team.



And I think that would be OK.

Morris does blow hot and cold but that is better than cold and cold. And he scores goals. At 377 minutes per goal he is only behind Cook, Gordon and Ferrier in terms of minutes to goals and two of those goals were crucial (winner at Rovers and opener at Wimbledon).



Tranmere will offer him a deal if they go up I reckon, player with many years of league one experience.



Morris would have added more than Ismail did today…but then again that wouldn’t have been hard!



Kieron had a spell out of our side through injury. He then returned and was really poor. Didn’t really do much or add anything to the side. But last Saturday at home to MK Dons he had a good game, really effective. Caused them problems and put a good shift in. Im still not thinking he would be a good signing if we climbed into League One though? If we stayed in League Two though, yep id offer him a deal. Confidence player and because of that will always have plenty of games struggling to make an impact.

All the best, hope you stay up.

p.s what happened with Cookie in your last game? Heard he exchanged words with some of your supporters?

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We played really poorly and didn’t put any heart in the fight to try and stay in this division , so rightly the travelling support gave them some ■■■■ , which Cook reacted too , and called them all f…g pr…s , or so they say , do hope it’s all in the heat of the moment stuff and everyone’s forgiven and it’s forgotten , and they are all up for kicking some ass tomorrow



P.s have you heard from Kierons mom yet …?

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I would offer Morris a new deal now Keates has gone he offers more than Ismail over a season.