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Mussa signs


Hope she washes her hands first :nauseated_face:


No, that’s wrong question. If they will be better to what was, that’s the question :wink:
More seriously, I suppose they can be good at this level. Both have something to prove, probably. Like Zeli one could say, but ok, sometimes it fails.


I hope he doesn’t read this site or he’ll be on the next plane back to Belgium.


Thought it was the Matt Jarvis one you predicted? :thinking:


No it was the 38 year old Omar Mussa that he was predicting (the Belgian who isn’t a Belgian because he was born in Burundi) :rofl:


It’s not easy being in the know :pensive:

Mystic Neuro has predicted everything. First to say that he wasn’t Belgian (days ago), informed everyone he wasn’t the signing being made yesterday, and that it would be announced a few days after.

You’ll find he’s been training with us since the summer - he’s more of a glorified trialist. He’s also more of a 10, rather than a forward, and is related to berahino.

Any more?


I’m presuming the chances of him playing this season are pretty slim then?


He is Belgian isn’t he? And you said he’s a winger not a number ten? And well done on all this information after the event.

I also take it that you didn’t know about Jarvis then? The one you were claiming to be “in the know about” and that we were signing a winger? You didnt mention two.


I made all this information available a week ago. You must have selective amnesia.

It’s embarrasing how envious you are :joy: it’s ok, just have a nice day and have a good think.

Deary me.


For somebody who demands answers in a certain thread you certainly enjoy dodging ones that question yourself (fairly).

No it’s just vaguely address one point and then repeat the same old nonsense. Yawn.


What question have you asked? Christ, I can’t believe I waste my time with this nonsense.


About 4 and they are pretty clearly stated.


not a clue what you’re on about.

You’re clearly a very envious and obsessive individual.

Have fun.


Hardly unclear.


Next signing ant gerrard.


“Close… but he’s not Belgian, and he’s not a striker. 6 months.”

That is so vague,it could apply to any player who wasn’t Belgian or a striker.




I hope not…we can do better than that.


I’d rather sign Adam Johnson than that fat turd.


Rumour has it they are drawing 7 numbers tonight for a multi million pound jack pot

I’ll tell you the numbers but for confidentially I can only say tomorrow.