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Mussa signs


Totally agree. If that fat ■■■■■■ turn’s up in a Walsall shirt again I won’t be going!


Let’s see how long the deal is then shall we ?


Any loan or short-term deal would be six months anyway. A high proportion of them are in January.


Why is it so hard to believe that I know stuff?

I obviously have to be vague so I don’t disrespect my sources, and damage any credibility.

I am not some sad act fan who makes stuff up. Go look me up, no reason to lie.

Our fans are a shambles some times - absolutely embarrassing. We support the same team right?


I’m not disputing you know stuff. I’m just wondering out loud how useful that stuff actually is,given it can can cover such a wide number of eventualities .


I think it’s great that you know stuff and have shared what you can on here. :+1:


It’s already been announced.

He is Belgian and he is a number ten though. You said winger.


‘Go look me up’ :joy:


I said a week ago. Boring.

I don’t know why I reply.


Well I hope Mussa turns out to be an asset to the club.
I don’t see any announcement on the “official” website or on the Excrete & Stir website though - does anyone else think that a little strange?
Or is it just me being picky.






Couldn’t not reference good old Ron :joy:


Me neither. Especially when you keep contradicting yourself.


What is going on with this thread,is it some kind of wind up?there’s nothing in the Star or the official site…:anguished:


He has signed, he posted it on his personal instagram with pictures … these were quickly taken down so presume the club don’t want to announce it just yet.


The lady in the photo looks delighted to have arrived in Walsall.


He doesn’t look that happy…:joy:


Anthony gerrard will sign for Walsall. Currently at carlisle on a short term deal after being sacked by oldham following an investigation


Bloody hell. Let’s get Hector Sam and Craig Pead back too…