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Mussa signs


Are you sure?


Sources? Or just a random punt? If he’s signing we’ve gone backwards. Proper rat eater.


Clayton Ince is signing.


Not sure how our back line will be improved by a bloke with the turning circle of a cow…


Apparently it’s all over the back pages of The Jerusalem Daily Saviour that Barabbas will be Keats next new signing in the January window. He specialises in Passovers and Comebacks and is available for Bar Mitzvah’s in the Bonser suite subject to pardon.


It’s in the star now :+1:


Looks a useful signing. Clearly a replacement for Ronan in the short term though I note his initial 6 month contract can be extended for a year by the Club.


She had probably seen this site!!!


Specifically your posts.


What Info do you have to suggest that?

I can’t find anything on him?


“The 18-year-old has joined on a short-term deal until the end of the season, with the option of a further year in the Saddlers’ favour.”


I don’t think they’ve used the image of him holding the scarf enough in that article.


Not sure which post you are referring too but the information about Mussa is on the Club website.


I don’t think any of my posts describe her as a toilet cleaner!!!


Few more interesting comments to pick up from the article considering what we know from our resident inside source:

He is

Been training with us a few weeks.


The E&S article says “compensation was agreed between the two clubs.” I take it we’ve paid compensation to Belgium’s Under-18s then, because the piece doesn’t mention anyone else he’s ever played for.

Quality journalism. All quiet at the Banks’s.


His Club was KV Mechelen.


Yes Omar, the famous Belgian name.

He’s been with us since the summer.

No mention of the 6 month contract I got right too? And that he wasn’t a striker?


No well done on predicting he wasn’t on a 5 year deal (but does have an 18 month option) and that he isn’t a striker more of a number 10.


Well not according to The E&S, Dean Keates’ quotes or the clubs official release.


Any mention on my comments days ago that he wasn’t a striker and it would be a 6 month deal?