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Mussa signs


Did you not read my last post? You actually just refuse to read anything that points out how ridiculous your claims are don’t you?


100 percent Gerrard is signing. Not a wind up. 32 now


We’re not.




Ketchup please.


What’s ridiculous ?


You claiming a bloke called Omar couldn’t possibly be Belgian for a start just because you were wrong on that front.


Do you actually believe the stuff you type?


I believe you can be Belgian and named Omar.


I once saw a hedge.


The classics never get old do they? Oh they do…


Keates and Gerrard played here together in 06/07 didnt they? Or are my seasons crossing


Yep. And the end of 05/06. I really hope this isn’t true…


What nationality was this hedge? Where did you see it? How long has this hedge been with us? or was it imaginary?


I coluld have predicted that without any inside knowledge. You might as well have said,“We’ll be signing somone,” for all the use it was.


Why are people bothered?

I’ve got much better things to do than make up rumours about an 18 year old :joy:

Jesus, this site has gone down hill.


What hill?


Probably not a Belgian one with a name like that.


The Hill of despair.


I saw Ant Gerrard about a month ago in Huyton (where I work) - he was just coming out of a corner shop with a 2 litre bottle of pop under his arm!! The epitome of professionalism!! He didn’t look that with it or ‘professional footballer trim’ if memory serves me right. Any reports on how he has done up at Carlisle?

I also hope this isn’t true as we seem to be going back to old players (for the team and other staff) or mates etc.