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Mussa signs


I thought it was Golgotha from the hints you were giving.


I saw AG at Carlisle against Northampton at the season start. Overweight and unfit. .




How dare a professional footballer buy pop.

My issue is his attitude towards fans and the fact he isn’t that good.


Anthony Gerrard would make any defensive issues we have twice as bad. No tar.


Because you’ve set yourself up on here as someone with useful knowledge. I think you need to be challenging your source, not us.


Heard we are signing a player on a 6 month loan deal. He’s not Jamaican and he’s not a goal keeper. He may or may not have been training for us for some time.

You heard it here first.


Probably all the aimless bickering. No more please, gents.


100 pct the Anthony Gerrard rumor is true. And if u think he ticks all the boxes. Experienced. Short term deal only. Local connections. Knows Keates well. Wont bust the bank. Its happening. And u heard it here first


He ticks all the boxes except for fitness and quality.


Can’t wait for this not to happen :joy:


We didn’t because it isn’t happening.



Is Alopecia somewhere in Belgium? And does it make you a good plumber?


A microcosm of modern Britain.

Person makes un-PC joke and gets into trouble with authorities.

Person then claims mental illness / stress associated with above to claim victimhood status.

Ordinary Joe shakes his head and wonders what the ■■■■ is going on.


Bloody hell, if someone got access to some of the WhatsApp images and jokes that some of my numb skull mates send, they would be hung drawn and quartered :worried:


Exactly. Not a great signing in my view but at least h


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as a bit of experience I suppose


“What hill?”

I thought it was a hedge?




Can we leaf all the hedge jokes alone now please.