Mystery Goal Scorer v Chasetown

Anyone know who it is?

Danny Coogan one of our youth, dunno why it was put as unknown


Would think it was a goalscorer from non league trying to earn a contract at a league club . Good start for him who ever it may be.

Evran Wright


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The Northern Premier League results page has the scorer as Luke Pearce with an 86th min equaliser. Salddlers won 3-2 on penalties.

He is the young lad who was on the bench for one of the games. I think he is 15 or 16!!!

it was Danny Coogan on the Chastown site match report

Someone mentioned on twatter last night that Lewis Miccio who played left back for us is from Australian side Manly United.

It’s true! It’s a mystery then.

I wonder if DC thought he was from a different Man. Utd.