Names on shirts

I had an email from the club yesterday about the correct spelling of my name to go on next season’s third strip it asked to return but the address it was sent on was a no return address there was an option to reply to all . Can anybody shed any light on this other than phoning the club ?

Try emailing the SLO

[email protected]


The email is really poorly worded and not clear. I’ve sent my response to [email protected]


So have I …poor communication by the Club.

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What it says is the following:

To ensure the inclusion of the names of all the relevant supporters and to ensure the accuracy of these for the kit, please check the names at the top of this email and respond via post or email to confirm names/spellings are correct or with corrections by Thursday 3rd December so we can then pass them on to Errea.

They are asking peope to reply by post or email. NOT PHONE
The email address at the bottom is

[email protected]

I have replied to this email address.

I’ve now received a second email from the club confirming that you need to respond either in writing by post or by email to
[email protected]

I did contact the SLO following Rob’s suggestion he replied and said he would contact the club regarding this . I now have received a second email Thanks to all😃

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Why would the club give people an option to send by post when they’ve just sent an email which means the fan receiving it has email?

Seems long winded for no reason. :rofl:


My email had a link to [email protected] so I automatically replied to that.

Was thinking about this strip. It would be nice if each name made up a small part of a large swift that was embossed into the shirt.

Good bit of forward thinking by the club. Doubt we sell that many 3rd strip shirts each year but now there will be approx 2000 fans who left their ST in that will want one to have something with their own name on it - on top of the home/away shirts they would normally buy.


No wonder yow lot am in tier 3 :rofl::rofl:

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I assume they will be including the names on Swifty Squad season ticket holders in this?

Yes they are :+1:

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i best show you my new walsall shirt - i designed it myself ok , needs club badge in the middle of white stripe .at the front