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Fantastic news I now have your Highgate shirts, ,they arrived this morning,

As you can see from the pics one was took to Dave kelly this morning to model for our launch. ( how good is it to see ned once again wearing a proper shirt lol )
And he confirms they are. True to the original shirt

I can guarantee everyone who purchased will absolutely love this top , Issa. always promised to bring you quality items and this shirt is just that. Pure quality

Later on today we will be launching a pre order. For the yellow Highgate shirt, ( pictured below ) Which I’m sure will also go down a storm with you the fans

We are also pleased to announce we are also launching a click and collect service to. Avoid fans having to pay costs on future items.
With postage only being charged to those who can not make use of the click and collect service

A few people to thank for bringing this iconic shirt back into circulation

All my fellow Comittee members. ,for there input

Wayne and Clare Thomas. For letting us use there contact,s I’e spall

All at spall who have not only produced. A high quality shirt , but brought it in a whole four weeks ahead of scheduled timescale

Ned Kelly for. Modelling and again giving fans of a certain age. The of seeing him in a proper shirt lol

And last but not least you the fans who have again backed Issa by purchasing. Such an iconic shirt

All you guys who have also purchased the polo. Only need to look at this shirt to give you an idea of. The quality your polo shirt will be once produced

Delivery of said Highgate shirts will begin tomorrow so please allow untill Friday. For those coming through post.


Looks great, look forward to receiving mine later this week.

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Are you going to be getting any more of the polos DH? I’ve missed out this time :frowning:

Yes mate other polos are in the pipeline mate, From same guys who done the Highgate shirt

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Completely missed this, would have loved to get the home shirt from just under a decade before I was born but that my Grandad would have definitely seen us play in all season. Will the white home one go back on sale or are they gone forever?

Also is there not license issues with these replicas? Or does the club give permission?

Hi mate no issues whatsoever with club they are fully aware of what we are doing, The only image we can’t use without prior permission is the current crest

Walsall fc as said are kept fully informed and Issa and club have a great working relationship

I have just re commissioned the yellow Highgate strip
And due to the sheer volume of requests for more of the white shirt I am doing another run of them , thry will be re listed on our shop within next few hours

Going back to club, some fellow fans reported us to club, for us having our own range of merchandise But after meeting with senior officials, We where given full permission to carry on, As long as we did not reproduce. Our current crest without seeking club permission

Seeing we are a totally non for profit organisation a lot of our surplus funds , end up going directly back to club via various initiatives. And. Donations from Issa to club , so a win win situation for them, whilst fans have a different choice as our merchandise tends to lean , more to our past.

So as said mate no issues whatsoever, we did our research and where award from the off that the club hold no rights over anything. Image wise. Prior to bescot, But out of courtesy we liaised with club anyway, and keep them fully aware of. Our intentions at all times

Hope this answers any concerns you may have mate
And we very much look forward to you. placing an order


Will the yellow shirts be available in short sleeves ?

so you can use the swift flying down but not flying up.

We can use any image associated with club from its conception
The only one we can’t re produce without getting permission is the current crest , We have asked permission in the past and it’s been granted. Ie our association flag carries the current crest But we have to get approval each time we wish to use. The current one

It will only be produced in a short sleeve version

Great news! Missed this first time round so will definitely be put purchasing this time👍
Well done all involved.

Received the white home shirt today and it’s a quality shirt. Very happy with it. I do have one question though regarding the sizes of the yellow away shirt. I purchased a small(36/38 chest) for the home shirt but when I click on the yellow shirt it is saying a small is now a 34/36 chest. Are the sizes different from the home shirt? I would appreciate if you could clear this up for me before I purchase. Cheers!

Hi mate the sizes listed are correct Spall have updated there size chart, So please order. From the size provided on the order form mate

Glad you are happy with white one , mate

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Is it possible to add some armpit to armpit sizes please

The sizes on the site are that mate armpit to armpit

Received the white home shirt today - really impressed. Will be putting in an order for the yellow one.

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Order to the size currently being advised on the site mate, these are spalls latest size guide

Just ordered my white one, very excited.

You won’t be disappointed mate. It is as said by. everyone who has purchased already, A quality item

A true replica of one of the best shirts we have ever played in Thank you for your order

Ordered a white one last night roughly how long before dispatched?

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