Neil Mcdonald

What’s people’s view

What’s he do? Never seen or heard from him

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Just sits there wishing we had enough bovril

He approached MT from the stands on Sat and said something into his ear. Could well have been ‘im off for a coffee’ as nothing changed on the pitch. McD was MTs choice lets not forget.

I always feel that suppositions about the back room staff is largely pointless as none of us see the club on a day to day basis.

What isn’t supposition though is that I did question at the time just how valuable the “experience” in the team was when that experience is 136 games in management in 4 failed spells which included Carlisle and Blackpool.

I heard a lot of “the key here is the appointment of McDonald, very shrewd” and never really saw it that way to be honest.

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Who are we to judge? We don’t know what goes on at the training ground and how much influence he has on things.MT wanted him and that is good enough for me.


The paying fans.

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Who know nothing of the inner workings, how Taylor and macdonald relate to each other and, indeed, what Taylor demands of his assistant.

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Fans can have views on lots of things but we don’t know how the relationships between the various people work. We don’t know what help McDonald gives to MT. I dislike intently this personalisation of our predicament. It is a Club with many parts and to be successful all need to be working together and if some are not doing that it is for the Club to remove them not supporters who have no understanding of what goes on behind the scenes.


As I said here. They can see his piss poor managerial record though.

See above, again.

True. When we appointed him, friends of mine - Blackpool fans - were incredulous that he had found another job in football.

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My view is he’ll probably be our next manager

Your right I reckon

Halifax fans warned us about Fullerton saying his brand of football was tedious at best , Mc Donald has a poor track record in management and we’ve got Taylor as manager with no experience :joy: is it any wonder why we’re shite :joy:


And with Pomlett Mole and Gamble steering the ship



Might as well get Ronald McDonald sitting on the bench.

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Plenty of :clown_face: on the board to lend him some shoes and help with makeup


Absolutely Sir Kenneth Absolutely!

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At least the burgers would be done properly

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