New Appointment

According to the Official Site, the club have appointed a Supporter Liaison Officer.
Another move in the right direction .


According to that press release “ He previously worked at the Banks’s Stadium in the 1970’s ”.

The way I see it, is that he will be used as a barrier/buffer/filter to listen sympathetically to fans,so Pomlett,Gamble & Mole don’t have to.


Bet he will be kept busy by people off here.

I know this guy slightly. He is a good supporter and having spoken to him a few times he should do a good job.

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Well,lets see how the matchday experience improves…Here’s his email address [email protected].I think he’ll be very busy…Good luck Graham.

Step in the right direction, poor ■■■■■■ will look more wrung out that DC after a few weeks in this role!

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Exactley that

Hope who ever he is dosent just tell the club how own views and feelings and actually relates what us fans are actually feeling…

Too anyone at ISSA…Did you know this was coming? Seems a bit of a tricky spot for you boy too get a foot hold in club with someone there already as gamble will possibly give the “give your voices and feeling too who ever he is”

I used to know him as well and I’d be greatly surprised if he was just a club mouthpiece. He wasn’t back when I knew him.

In fact, if my memory serves me correctly, I went with him and a couple of his friends to the Bristol city away play off match. Their friend had secured us tickets in the Bristol section! All was lovely early on, having a nice chat to the locals etc, then we scored the goals and the mood changed! I seem to remember leaving the ground sheltering on one side of a police horse!! :grin:

I will leave all the suggestions etc to my fellow fans.