New backroom staff

Can anyone identify the new backroom staff from this photo? Andy Davies assistant manager, Michael Oakes goalkeeping coach, Mark Czucman physio - who are the rest? Can even see Tom Bradley lurking behind Deano

I’m not sure whether appointing Ancient Moaner in charge of team morale was a wise decision, (or his separated at birth identical twin worsul4eva)

The one to the right of Marc Czucaman (as we look at the picture) is Nick Barnett (strength and conditioning coach).

Sat right next to the dugout for yesterday’s game and noticed that the backroom team was larger than previously.

The guy to Czucman’s right seems to be a physio/team doctor as he was on the pitch with him when tending to any knocks which occurred - initials CM. The one to Czucman’s left had dialogue with Davies and Keates at points throughout the match and was out during the warm up.

Edit: the guy to the right is Chris Minton (club doctor) according to the official site.

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Has he replaced Mark Bradley? What is his background - was he previously with the club?

Edit: a quick internet search he was previously with … Wrexham !!

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They are very vocal, far more vocal than previous regime, I like Davies, he really barks the orders out at the players and also had a run in with one of the Plymouth players ended up telling him to f*** off at one stage


Must be costing a pretty penny at the end of the day? and a bit over the top for little old Walsall?
Surely these sorts of salaries could/would be better spent on players, that lot could form a 6 a side team.
Hull, yowm obsessed mate! Feel sure that AM bloke would have appreciated your kind thoughts!

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Davies fitting in well already then! :grin:

The website has now been updated stating who the new members of the backroom staff are:

Neil Barnett, strength and conditioning coach previously of Wrexham

Dr Colin Hill, sports psychologist, Senior Lecturer Sport and Exercise Sciences at Wrexham University

i don’t think 6 members of back room staff is that excessive to be honest. We’ve been behind the times for years.


Looks a bit too like a Premiership bench to me, just a bit over the top.
Just imagine the salaries involved, Jeff will be having a thrommer!

No issue with Keates organising his backroom team in this way. It’s something that Smith did exceptionally well and going into 15/16 he had his staff just how he wanted; O’Kelly, Cutler, Whitney, Ward, etc. It really can make a difference.

On the other hand, Whitney struggled to effectively assemble a team to support him and eventually paid the price.


I like it. Get the infrastructure right as players come and go depending on who is offering the most money.
Get em fit and keep em fit both physically and mentally (and brainwash them into thinking that 500 quid a week is a good wage :smile:)

Money isn’t everything… Buying into positive culture… Stable work environment… Proper biscuits at morning tea… Chance to shine…

That sort of thing?