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New Belgian Striker


We have signed a 19 year old forward from Belgium. Will be announced on Jan 1st. Not sure if he’s ready for the first team or a work in progress but the club have high hopes. Hopefully the first of many…


Felipe Fulop from Anderlecht?


Close… but he’s not Belgian, and he’s not a striker. 6 months.


Hopefully it is Hercule Poirot? Maybe he can investigate where the 50% of recent transfer fees “invested in the playing side” has gone.


It’s not Ngoy is it?


Not Belgian Neuromantic? Think you’ll find he is. Unless he lied during the 30 mins I spent speaking to him and his agent (who is very familiar round these parts).


You’ll see why I said close…


… unless this chap you’re on about by some massive coincidence is someone else!


whoo hooo Divock Origi is on his way!:wink:


One of Wracky’s clients then?


Sorry. No.


Any takers for Anthony gerrard. Carlisle:wink:


Is this real or just waffle?


classic male Belgian name :rofl: just got it “WAFFLE” :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


When I first read the thread title I was rushing, thought it said “new Belgian Saddler”. Couldn’t work out if it was Rod Stewart style procreation in Wigan,or Duvelken re- registering on the new site.


You’re a bunch of Waloonies.


EU have got to be kidding me!


These rumours will happen. You’ve just got to be Flematic about them.


Is someone taking the manneken?


You may as well forget it now @geordiesaddler they have started on the puns it’s F.U.B.A.R :rofl:


Agreed.The chips are down for this thread.