New Captain Donervon Daniels

No surprise

Good luck Donervon


Top man. Glad to have DD as our captain.

Best choice,commanding figure who leads by example.Hes been immense since signing for us

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Correct choice for me this one.

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This is a real honour and privilege for me to be the captain of this club. Can’t wait to lead out the group of lads in front of our fans! ✊🏾♥️


I remember one of the home games last year when we’d played particularly badly, and at the end of the game a lot of the fans behind the goal were giving the team some real stick.
Although he was only on loan at the time, and had only played a handful of games for us Donervan had the balls to come right over to the fans, and very calmly spoke to placate one really irate fan. The rest of the team didn’t dare venture across the 18 yard line.
He is a top bloke on and off the pitch and I’m delighted for him that he’s been made captain.


Totally agree.

Could’ve easily given it to Clarke but Donny has been part of this group since January and been really good in the games he’s played so no issue.

Obvious choice for me. Better than hot head Labadie who likes to bludgeon anything that moves and argue with officials.

Easily our best player in my opinion so makes sense.

Good choice. Guessing he was the senior player who called out some of the other players for not caring enough after the Rochdale defeat.

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Surprisingly, no. That was Hayden White who gave his team-mates a well-deserved bollocking.


100% the right decision for me. Quality player, quality man.

If it was white I think that would suprise many people me included

Great interview on WFC You Tube. Very insightful.

DD Interview

He’s arguably been one of our best signings in the last few years. Seems such a decent bloke.

Think Peter Clarke was actually the game changer Pomlett referred to based on this interview with the Don. Based on Saturday and the way people speak of him you can see why. Think we have got captains and leaders all across the pitch this year which is refreshing. Glad it’s Don with the armband though, top bloke

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