New! - 'Chips in the Lower'


Following the popularity of recent threads regarding pricing, marketing and customer service at the club, we’ve created a dedicated area for UTS users to share and discuss issues/suggestions/solutions related to Walsall FC’s operations and governance, especially those concerning supporter experience.

We will look to collate the points discussed each month and submit them to the Trust, who have the opportunity to raise questions at the regular ‘Working Party’ meetings held with club officials.




Brilliant idea @simon


Yes must agree putting all the issue’s together to put forward to the Club rather than relying on someone spending hour’s trying to pinpoint all the problem’s , just hope the club take on board what the fan’s ( paying customer’s ) think and have problem’s with and act accordingly to push the club forward :pleading_face:


Putting ideas and questions all together is all well and good, but the club acting on them, is another issue altogether, if recent actions to appease fans are anything to go by we will need very large scuba diving tanks.

So that we can hold our breath longer.


What more can Simon do? At the very least it makes it harder for them to use ignorance as an excuse .


Don’t worry, I’m sure our famous idiotic spokeman will pipe up, arrange another crummy protest then spend the next year blaming Bonser for every issue in the world until the next pointless crummy protest.


No. Scarf. Booncer. Oot.


Not criticising Simon shrew :wink: just the lack of interest from the club’


Thanks for the edit Welsh, I can assure everyone I’d never use the phrase “crummy” though :joy:


It’s always tricky to find an alternative word instantly - sorry if “crummy” was inappropriate, but it was the easiest thing to do at the time!!

UTS :policeman:


I must admit i had to think twice about a bloke loving all those bands on another thread quoting the word “crummy” :rofl:


You could have at least edited “thats” :sob:


Your wish is my command … :wink:


You sweetheart hehehe


Could the trust ask the club if there is any chance of putting a gate in the recently installed fence at the pathway from the retail park, The path and rear entrance was a popular short cut and was very well used. I know a couple of elderly fans who parked in Broadway West, and now do not come to games because of the increased walk to the main entrance.


I blame Simon, the crummy nail-head.


If you nail-heads don’t like this site I suggest you join Bournemouth, Luton or Rotherham forums…


and why shouldn’t they?


Great idea!


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