New club badge

Does anyone else think we should have a new club badge/crest designed and what would you want if we did ?

No I actually like the badge we have personally and think its the best one we’ve had.

The design is fine. Colours could do with an update. Lose the gold and black for obvious reasons. Red white and green maybe if we are going to stick with the green.


I don’t mind the current one I’d maybe make the swift a bit more thinner looking looks more like a parrot than a swift compared to the 80s design

Never really liked this badge to be honest would be nice if we could bin it.

How about a white cross on a white background? We do seem to surrender in a lot games recently.



The only option for a new badge really :grinning:


Maybe we could have one with the outline of a Walsall player hoofing a ball .

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No chance the badge is getting changed until all those branded hi-vis bags are shifted.


Keep it the same but replace the black bits with green. I can’t understand the lack of scarves etc without green in unless we are going back to black next season.

So never then.

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It’ll probably because they’ve got loads of the old scarves and want to sell them. Bet we’re still that tight. Last time I looked there were 3 different scarves being sold all with the current and previous branding.

Just checked and there’s 3 different scarves being sold, 232 in stock, £2,872.55 worth…… if they ever sell.

I think ones with green in would have sold well. I got my green, red and white bar scarf from eBay.

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I managed to find a thinner Swift![Swift|690x492]


Definitely obese needs to be nearer to the real thing and flying upwards.

Colin Taylor swift.


I’ve never cared for the badge.
Red and white, no green, black or gold. Swap the swift for a saddle, make it classy not complicated.

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I was amazed at the last home game I actually saw someone wearing one of those!

It really wouldn’t surprise me if we did say something like that.

It does look classy and uncomplicated imho.

We had a cowhide in the previous badge signifying the saddle which was situated in a shield shape which for me was not as good as the one we now have .
As for the colours I don’t automatically associate it with other clubs its our badge.

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I don’t like the current badge at all but I also wouldn’t trust them to not make it worse if they did change it.

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