New contract for Donervon Daniels

Contact lenses give the best peripheral vision.

I didnt see that one coming :rofl:

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I got blind sided by it too

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Who is this Len Ses, and how do I get in touch with him? Is he a new signing? :eyes:

Maybe this is the mystery player X who can offer the vision we’ve been looking for!

Apparently, we have another who can see through walls: his first name is Ray (a really good trainer).

Hasn’t he also got an unspent red card? i.e. Ray banned.

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That’s a stinger

He’s not known as Ray anymore.

Does that make him an ex-Ray ??


Stop it with the crap puns. You’re making spectacles of yourselves.

That’s the problem with this sight. It lens itself to bad puns.

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And they are getting more cornea than ever.


It’s no good pretending these are significant contributions, we can all see right through them!

UTS. The site with vision.

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This once great football sight…

Thanks, mister Magoo!

Seriously though. You’ll never guess who I bumped into at Specsavers yesterday ? Everybody !!!


It would of been so short sighted by the club not offering DD a new deal anyway …

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I risk the worst pun

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Can we get back on topic. Focus, please!

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Ohhh I see what you did there!