New contract for McEntee

Happy enough with this news.


Decent bit of business, don’t know why anyone would be upset about it

Good statement from McEntee as well


I know the jury is still out on whether he’s a CB or a midfielder, but I think he’s showed how good a player he is in both positions, if you’re a good enough player you can play anywhere, as long as the manager gets the best out of him.


That’s all really great to hear I’ve never heard a player being so loved up like that before .

I like the guy, in either position. He’s 22 and shows a lot of maturity for his age. Plenty of potential for further improvement as he gains experience as well.
Very pleased with this.


He’s a good lad, with potential, just not sure if we’re doing the best by him.

Time will tell I suppose, like everything at this bloody club these days.


Totally agree, he has shown enough, to me anyway, that he is a step up from what we’ve had for the last couple of seasons potential wise.


What is a top 7 player ?

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Who said that? You’re the one questioning my opinion? Not once passed comment on yours, mainly because I don’t give a shit.

“It’s your opinion”



Yawn at the bollocks, again. I demonstrate, repeatedly, I attend games. The reason you get so worked up at my opinion is probably because they are inconvenient truths BECAUSE I go regularly.

He’s always behind the play, and simply looks uncomfortable there. He’d chip in with headers from centre back as well, doesn’t mean he’s a good midfielder. We’ve already covered that ground and you’re going round in circles.

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It’s almost as though that still applies to any other contracts they extend. There no line between that and “oh these lads aren’t here for the profit” other than people grasping for a narrative.

Pretty sure every football club in the country extends contracts. Doesn’t mean we should be writing off the possibility these lads are trying to make a bit of money.

No!!! It’s a sign that Ben Boycott is the second coming, backing a managerial master stroke from Sadler, turning a once promising defender into literally Pirlo!!!

Now drink this Kool-Aid

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It’s good. I always like when young, promising players get a new deal.

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Yes I agree if he keeps improving and finds his best position under good management I expect him to either be in our promotion winning team or a very capable and formidable squad player and part of it .

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Already an important player for us, he seems to have the right attitude and can improve. A good piece of business and much welcomed continuity,

I’m glad we’ve retained him.

I’m with @Blazing_Saddler though. We’ve virtually resigned a whole team. Which is good for stability and gelling. But it does also talk to us all accepting that we’re fourth division now. Unless there are some sparkling additions in the next two windows.

I wouldn’t hold your breath.


He’s a decent player at this level, and useful in that he can do a job in more than one position. I suspect, though, that if he is to get on in the game and make a step up it is more likely to be as a centre-back than in his current midfield role.
Good news in so far as it goes.


Great to have home signed up as all squads need a layer or tow that can cover a couple of bases. I agree I would prefer to see him at CB but clearly MS doesn’t see it that way … another price in the gaffers “downfall jigsaw”

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If Farquharson was back, I would prefer McEntee in midfield. He gets around the pitch, has a physical presence and is by no means a bad passer of the ball.

I think he is the sort of player we will look back on with fondness in the years to come.


I agree.

I think any one of our centre halves could run around and be a physical presence in midfield. McEntee’s issue is that he has no clue what he’s doing in there, and hasn’t got the midfield mindset to make angles, receive the ball and play out, and he’s often in the wrong position.

If we are content in being a mid table side in the 4th level - sure, he’s fine. But I am fairly sure no side in the top 10 has a centre half playing in midfield.

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