New design snood

Independent saddlers supporters association

Ref snoods and calendars

We have had an unbelievable response to the snoods , and they are all but sold out with just handful remaining for sale via our online shop only

We will be placing. An order on Monday for a second lot with a slightly different design which will feature our iconic crest and the England crest with the wording for club and country sublimated into the. Material , but if you want to grab one of what’s left from the fist batch. Head over to our site to secure yours

The calendar is not far behind. In the fact that there are only limited stocks left available for sale, and this to is heading for a reprint , so again get yours whist stocks last
I’m sure those who have received there calendars to date will confirm they are a fantastic item for any saddler fan , both the snoods and calendar would make ideal Xmas gifts

Use the link below to visit our online shop and view our great range of merchandise

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Sorry, nice try but they look ■■■■. Just one big badge in the middle and you may get away with it.

Appreciate your opinion mate, But they have sold in high numbers. And have had to go back in for a second production batch to meet demand

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That’s great pal and really pleased :+1:

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