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Ref New. Leisurewear range

It gives us great pleasure to give you a sneak preview of our latest range of leisurewear with a wfc theme

We have. In conjunction with. Evolve. And spall created. A very nice collection of leisure wear

All items will be available to preorder from the Issa online store from tomorrow night ,

but in the meantime visit our. Store to see our new range of Christmas gifts. There’s some cracking gifts on there. For any saddler fan

Use the link below to go straight to our website and select shop option


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The merchandise on view looks good … But can’t help but feel it is taking money away from the club shop which I spend a lot of money in over the course of a season which makes me a little reluctant.

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The club benefit from any money ISSA make mate that is the main aim and will not change i am sure.

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Club do indeed benefit from our sales, and our other activities, 7 k. Handed over to club recently,
And club are quite happy with us. Providing fans with another option , whilst they. Also benefitt


Looks some nice stuff but personally prefer to buy the official team shirts/leisurewear from the club shop so i am wearing same colours/gear as the team do but good luck to you.

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Same here.
I’d rather all my money goes to the club rather than just a donation… especially at a time where it needs all the money it can get.

Think as ever a bit more information might help people. But that burden shouldn’t all be on ISSA because there would be no comparative.

From a personal point of view I’m not a big merch man but if I buy from any source I’d want to be sure it was helping the club as well as stuff around quality, design, provenance etc.

But for some folk if it was spend £10 through club and £5 is profit that goes to the club and an ISSA comparative it might help especially as the ranges seem to be converging. That convergence on some stuff makes it an either/or (you probably don’t want two Walsall scarves for Christmas) and as a consumer the more that choice is informed the better.


Genuine question, but what % goes to the club?
I thought ISSA were a ‘non profit organisation’?
If so, then surely ALL profit could go into the club at this tough time?

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Issa is a non for profit organisation mate you are totally correct
Profits are used to help fans. Ie cheap coach travel to away games ( albeit that. Activity is. Non applicable at the moment )
The football club, Also receive generous donations To give you some idea they have had in excess of
7 k from Issa in last few months. And we are working towards a 15 k. Three year contract lease minibus. To be used by the youth team as our next. Target

Local grass toots football in the bourough of Walsall are also helped. So are the elderly
and most vulnerable within our community. As are handicapped children within the bourough, we try to disperse our funds available. To a diverse range of good causes as possible

I’d also point out Walsall football club are very encouraging of us bringing fans a wider selection of products to choose from and are very thankful for the donations. They receive from Issa

There is no set figure or percentage. That goes to club it is done purely on the level of surplus finances held at any given time , But rest assured any purchase from the Issa online store does benefit the club

We accept our stuff will not be for everyone. But we concentrate more on the retro side of things.
As you will see from our range of products

It is a deliberate ploy that we communicate with club in an attempt not to duplicate things they do.
Unless it’s things with a lower price tag such as in as in mugs. Etc. And all our stuff is run past club prior to. Us. Offering it the fan base

And even tho I say it myself our clothing items are of far superior quality. Material wise than some of the clubs offerings and are all produced within the uk anyone who has brought the replica spall Highgate shirts. Will. I’m sure. Vouch for the quality of materials and. Workmanship That went into them


All items are now listed and available to pre order. From the Issa online store


I think personally it’s a great set up you’ve got going on and a big help to the club and fans , both benefit so it’s a no brainer in my opinion.
Keep up the good work :+1:

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Thanks Olly, that makes sense and I think gives folk an understanding of the diverse causes that ISSA supports.

The only one I have a question on is the tie in with ACE Academy. My understanding, which could well be wrong, is that whilst it is based in the borough of Walsall, Ace is a feeder Academy for West Brom who have first dibs on any talent that comes through. So if for example Ace had existed earlier and Rico Henry had begun with Ace rather than Walsall’s own Academy he may well have been snaffled by West Brom thus costing our club a few million.

So whilst every other cause seems to support Walsall FC or the community of Walsall, including the other Chris Nicholl Foundation £900 for Forest Star, the Ace association, given its affiliation with another local Premier League and therefore very rich club is the only one that from the outside seems a bit odd.


Lots of kids go through ace mate and some indeed end up at Walsall,s academy Ace did want to get a tie in with wfc but. From what I believe wfc Didn’t want to, Albion saw the. Way. Ace work and where happy to have a tie up with them. , don’t know the full ins and outs of the sittuation but I do know wfc was ace,s. Preferred. Partner,

Both the Chris Nicholl ace foundation, and the forest star. Chris Nicholl little stars. Have both been set up hoping to push the best youngsters walsalls way first, But wether club. Take up any of the ones. Offered is at discretion of wfc mate , We have set both things up hoping wfc do indeed take the best kids pointed there way for future development

We are also launching a project. To get the most under privaladged kids in the borough free football sessions. Via ace, and also. A new idea that is called kit buddy , where. We have Kit buddy bins at prime . Locations throughout the bourough , wher people can put kit and boots there own kids have grown out of to be redistributed. To kids. who can’t afford said items, And we will be trying to get local schools involved. Ie Pe. teachers who can recommend Kids who the feel show footballing potential. We hope that by doing this kids who would not have access to what’s needed can benefit from this scheme , and in turn. Can-then also attend the free sessions , we aim to provide , ( Lots of kids. Never get spotted Purely because they may. Not have the gear needed to participate I The first place. . ) who knows we may unearth another Buckley. Mower Shakespeare etc, And that would be fantastic

Sometimes. It’s not that local kids don’t want to support Walsall. It’s the fact they can’t, Due to family circumstances. Or many other reasons. Issa want to try and remove some of those barriers wherever possible, And it’s through our various activities and merchandise sales that enables us to at least try , but as always it’s our aim to also benefit. Wfc also, But as said mate the link to wba was not for the want of ace wanting wfc as there main. Tie in partner


Great work from Issa in trying to get the best youngsters into the academy… but from what you have said Albion will get first picks which is not good.And not the way forward.


As with any academy anywhere in country. The top teams will get the cream, Even-in walsalls own academy. They get plucked, There’s little. Our club can do about it. When big clubs come calling ,
Perfect example the young kid who’s just gone from us to Southampton,

We can only hope that if we can get these kids from a very young age. Supporting there hometown club. Then progress. Through the. Chris Nicholl foundations we have set up , and hopefully then onto walsalls own academy. That there heart lies with. Wfc and they will want to play for the team they support. And this is our ultimate aim

I would point out that even tho ace does have a tie in with wba. They recommend. The ones they think have potential. To wfc. And also other clubs. , But that is all they can do, ie recommend. It is ultimately. then down to club wether they act on. The recommendations they receive. Or not
Only last week. Four kids from ace represented wfc. In a junior tournament

Firstly, thanks for the reply.

It is a reply that conflicts me. I love the thought of helping kids who come from disadvantaged households being given gear and the chance to participate. Physical and mental well-being is very important. I think Walsall FC get that which is why the community programme offers free spaces on things like the “Premier League kicks” sessions.

Then I juxtapose that with Ace’s fees. £55 pound for half term week is steep. Really steep in the current climate. West Bromwich Albion’s name and logo as “partner academy” featuring large as no doubt a signal of a premium product on offer. It is a business - I get it - and the tie in with the Albion brand will help that business. I understand why Wayne Thomas is so effusive in the article below. That’s a big moment for his business - I’d be happy too. But you read it and it is all about ensuring Albion get the best talent from a football scheme based in Walsall. Which will never sit well with me.

The Walsall FC Community Programme is a charity. I’d be amazed that they refused a £900 donation made in the name of Chris Nicholl with some kind of attendant scholarship.

So free sessions already exist in Walsall- via the WFCCP. At Walsall FC. Where gifted kids might get picked up by Walsall. I get that some kids might end up at Walsall via Ace but reading the deal Wayne has struck with Albion, any truly outstanding prospects will, under the terms of that agreement, be offered to Albion first. So my Rico Henry example stands. There’s a “sliding door” moment where if Ace had existed ten years ago, he may have attended that Academy rather than our own, he’d have ended up at Albion and our club would be a couple of million worse off. You need to shift a lot of merchandise to make up that kind of shortfall.

Anyway, I’ll leave it there because you answered the question and I think from your response the bigger question sits with the club for declining the Ace tie in ahead of Albion. I’ll try to get that one answered elsewhere because finding and developing local talent has been a cornerstone of how our club has survived and at times thrived. I’m surprised that given the Ace offer they’ve allowed another local side into the borough.

Thanks again for the reply. :+1:t3:

As said. Mate I don’t know the full ins and outs of why club did not want to tie in with ace , especially as Wayne Thomas both played for club, And was commercial manager of club at one time, so you would think there was a good relationship already in place, and a tie up would have been beneficial to both parties ,

And I would point out that Issa have helped club. We ask club if there is a specific area that they would. Be able to use. Donations. From. Whatever funding we have available at any given time.

they said the ladies side. And the youth development team could do with some help. So we donated 1k.

They then said they needed around 5 k to refurbish the bescot bar so we. Provided £5100 so it was never a case of them refusing a £900 donation, Towards the academy side of things but using a much larger amount. For things they. Clearly must have thought more important at the time if they had said they needed the 5 k. For the academy. Then it would of still been given , as we do not. Question how they use our donations, And they are given with goodwill and in the hope they benefit club. In the areas club choose to use. Said donations

Ace has different facets to it, And Issa support and sponsor Little aces. And support the Chris Nicholl foundation. Which we provided with a £900 donation Same as we did with the Chris nicholl little stars foundation, who also received £900.

As per the cost of training camps with ace, I think they are on a par with what Walsall charge for there’s. But as you rightly point out both are operated as a business. With serving board members of Walsall fc also being on the board of the community program Thus ensuring everything stays in house
, Football aside tho I also believe wfc have a really good working relationship with ace. Via the ace events platform. , again with Wayne Thomas ( pre Covid. ). Using his contacts to organise and bring the many sporting evenings at it’s the club, And I’m sure given Wayne Thomas,s. Long standing. Relationship with Wfc. It won’t be quite the one way street with wba. That it looks like,
And I presume there is a valid reason as to why wfc did not partner with the ace academy, But as said not one I can answer

If the scouting network was anything like it used to be there would be no need for any of this coached kids for 7 years saw stoke villa blues wolves and albion scouts never walsall and thats in walsall why is this? seems like a huge failure on the clubs part when i played the best lads locally would get picked up by us first.

You and I both now the scouting system was. Neglected for years. , mate, and even when players where recommended by ex players of the club. , No one went and looked at them,
Which was. Detrimental to club, as some of the ones recommended went on to command big transfer fees, After being given there chance elsewhere

A certain Tyrone mings was. Pointed out to Walsall by an ex player when he was an unknown, And. We couldn’t be bothered to even go and look. , and there are countless others who have slipped the net. As a result of the decline and. Penny pinching that set in under. The previous owner

But I’m pleased to say things are changing. Since. The change in ownership. And it’s a change for the better.

Only a few months back. An ex player contacted. Me and asked me to go with him and have a look at a young lad. Who was playing locally , And who Everton amongst others. where having watched ,

I then spoke with dan mole and Stephan gamble ,and nick adshead. who took all relevant details, And they must have sent someone out to watch lad in question. As. Shortly afterwards He was. Invited to spend a week up at essington whilst. The gaffer took a look at him, Sadly the lad in question. Had to. Turn down the offer of coming in for a week. Due to personal family reasons , but the door has very much been left open for him, to take up clubs offer if wished. So as said it appears. That club. Do now indeed. At least take a look at players recommended to club

As you know a senior Issa committee member is a scout for the club , and he spends hours. On end taking in countless. Grass roots level games. Looking for potential. Talent to put clubs way, And again club have acted on his recommendations And some of his. Findings are currently at club as part of the youth / academy set up , So it appears we are now. Making full use of scouting. Network available to club