New Macron kit

I’d have thought the away kit will have green in it.
Would be strange to have green training kit and have got rid of the colour completely from all of the playing kits.

Could be black with green trim or all green.

Still find it strange we haven’t had anything to do with the away kit yet

Im convinced they panicked when they saw the negative reaction to the macdonalds kit :joy:


I think it must be supply issues / ordering issues. They cant be happy at having no tops to sell to generate cash.

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I’m thinking of waiting for the yellow keeper shirt so it can double up as a hi vis for work :stuck_out_tongue:

If this is THE real problem, then maybe the club should of gone with our local designer/supplier … Luke (Roper)

Can’t see the point of having shirts made by foreign suppliers who can’t re supply to demand for weeks and weeks

If fans that want to buy at the start of the season see us nose dive after 5 or 6 weeks they are not going to want to buy a shirt after that anyway.

Yes they’ve probably had to submit a totally new design for the away kit!
Could take weeks to be produced!

Agree mate.

But their kits would probably be manufactured in Vietnam or somewhere for tuppence and the same problem would possibly apply. I blame this labour government for not turning round the British manufacturing industry.


I blame immigration , may Aswell

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Bromley kit have a map design on their Macron kit. Hibs had a similar idea a season or two ago. I’d be happy with a dark blue map design away kit like this.

Can we have this one back? It’s smart.


We could have a street map of the Mossley estate, with the epicentre at Whitby Close! :wink:

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What the home kit could have been….


That is so much better than the actual home jersey and how good does Captain Fantastic look in it?? :star_struck:

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Do you know if these will be on sale for us to buy Steve, or is it only the green training tops I’ve seen in the club shop?

I would’ve thought they’ll be on sale, but will probably come at a premium like the other pieces with NoFo on.

I do agree though that this is nicer than the home top.

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I think the training stuff is taking a while to filter through there is a no fo 1/4 zip that’s nice as well.

I’d hope so.

There was a black and red NoFo training top in some of the photos when they advertised the new training kit too, but it hasn’t appeared in the shop yet.

Given there’s been different NoFo shirts and hoodies on sale the last few seasons I’d expect them to be on sale eventually. Maybe they’re waiting on the stock from Macron with the NoFo logos.