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In recognition of green being re introduced to the first choice playing kit, after a long abscense Issa have commissioned two new badges

The first is a pin badge. With the wording WALSALL FC running through the centre

The second one is a fully embroidered 3" circular cloth badge
This badge can be ironed or sewn on to any item of clothing you wish Again this badge features the wording Walsall FC running through its centre

Head over to our online store to secure yours by using the link. Below. We have already had. Lots of interest in both badges so expect them to sell out quickly


Oh gosh @AndyWTaylor it’s “that” Union Flag we were discussing on here a few weeks ago.

A shame the chaps didn’t see your corrected version before pressing the button.

I like the colours, like I said a few weeks back it was seen by some as the alternate Union Flag colours if Scotland left the Union.


How did you get around the swear filter P.T… :astonished:

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What do you have to do to get the Walsall FC swimming badge ? :joy:


Two laps in Bonsers pool in Cyprus :wink:

Is anybody here that strong a swimmer? :wink:

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Don’t forget the sharks with laser beams attached to there heads.

Fins ain’t what they used to be