New player


That fong smells a bit fishy and do doo played for Blackpool last week against us


"Russel Martin however has not been signed yet. "
So - eel be coming our way then?


He’d be a Rudd-y good signing …


I thought after last season the future looked pretty … Bleak


Jamie Pollock


Still in the hunt, but target is trying his luck upstream.


Would say that’s confirmation it’s Russell Martin


Is he still on trial with the Bagladies?

I know Houlihan was also on trial with them at the same time and he has now joined them.

So it looks as though Martin did not impress them, if he is no longer with them.

So is he good enough for us to spend big wages on, as he was rumoured to be on £8K a week at Norwich


He’d get 3k a week here max, so whilst a risk for Jeff, not really a risk in the scheme of things.


Pretty clear we do need a more experienced head in defence, acting also as a coach to younger lads. If that makes a difference between mid table and playoffs (or more!?) then get him in on 3k a week.


Really does sound like Russell Martin. Is he still on trial at the Baggies?


It seems like WBA signed Wes Hooligan just up to January - tide them over until the transfer window, and take it from there (he is knocking on a bit though). Maybe Martin was not what they wanted, or his offer was short term, and he didn’t want to have to change clubs again if they let him go at the end. Perhaps contract length could beat wages up to a point. Although he could earn more in six months at a Championship club (or a week at the Vile) than he could get in 3 years here.


I think there’s only a trout-side chance of signing Marlin. Shame, because he’d fit in well with Fitzwater.


think he’s just going to go with the flow.


John Terry announced retirement today… do you think he might have been mulling it over and thought - nah…




Slap me with a kipper and call me Margaret.

We’ve only gone and landed him.


Can you now reveal which other League One club we beat to sign the Suffolk Cafu?