New podcast

As well as the excellent One Pod Beyond produced by Walsall fans, the E&S are launching a fortnightly Walsall podcast hosted by Joe Masi with special guests. Looking forward to this. Masi requesting questions (via Twitter) for today’s pod which is being recorded at 1pm today.

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Hopefully it’s nothing like the Wolves one. It’s so cringey.

That’s because its done by Tim Spiers, who is actually worse than haemorrhoids.


First episode, currently via Soundcloud, but waiting for iTunes permission to be streamed on there.

I like Masi but Hatfield is the the :bellhop_bell: end who writes all quiet at the banks every time he does the transfers round up but magically manages to find about 120 players linked with the dingles, Albion and Villa even though we make roughly the same amount of signings.

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Actually quite enjoyed that. Masi really does love the club.

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Same. I like OPB too but it was interesting to hear a guy who has to stay professional and speak passionately about the club rather than fans who are as reactionary as the rest of us.

Not a knock on OPB though, that’s how any of us would be.

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Well worth a listen.