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Ref Issa merchandise.

We recently. Let you know that we where launching our own branded range of leisurewear with a wfc twist

Below are a few of our. Items. Just a few tweek,s here and there and we will be ready. To go with our first products and they will soon be available on our online shop

Many things planned. But as always please let us have your opinions as to wether you like or dislike

Please note the polos are not your usual heavy cotton ones they are very lightweight more akin to a golf polo with the swift design
Being. In the material itself and not a transfer .

Also the snoods are a sneak. Preview of some of our Christmas range which will be launched and available on our site very soon
So you have had a little taster of what is lined up. But keep popping onto our website snd browse our stock, as said some cracking Christmas gifts. Will be revealed real soon

image image image image image image image

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Are you trying to skint me out :rofl: :rofl:

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Any sign of a decent beach towel yet?

Any Budgie smugglers ?:rofl:

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Very apt for you budgie :joy:

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Just had a snood from work they are extremely useful especially if you keep forgetting your mask when you go to the services the other stuff looks smart

We have already done them mate

So how come you don’t forget your snood … :thinking: :wink: :joy:

Nice ideas again Olly any prices yet ?

Leave it around my neck

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:rofl: :rofl: fair play mate , but surely you could leave your mask over your chin ,

pulling your ears out to look like Freddie Davies like so many people I see every day … :rofl:

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For the benefit of our younger members who might think “who the ■■■■ is Freddie Davies”?

It’s what passed for entertainment back in the day :joy:


You have but unfortunately you have sold out. I should have asked when will they be back in stock?

I won’t be getting one then.

Another one is planned mate. But with a different design. But in all honesty it will be after Christmas now tho. As we are about to launch. Our Christmas range of items within next two weeks

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They will be up on Issa shop site very soon mate. Along with prices.
All clothing items with the exception of the snood will be done on a pre order basis ,
I can reveal tho that snoods will be priced at £10.

Will definitely be interested in the snoods

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He was so famous at the time he had his own cartoon in the Buster comic. It was based on the jolly capers he and his parrots got up to.

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