New Saint George badge released

Independent saddlers supporters association

New collectors pin badge

With saint George’s day fast approaching we present our new. Design pin badge in recognition of our patron saint

A two in one badge with an image of George slaying the dragon sat alongside an iconic wfc crest with the wording. British by birth,
English by the grace of God.

There are only 200 of this badge available and it is certain to sell out quite quickly. And once there gone there gone

Only available via the Issa online store so to secure yours. Use the link below


Wasn’t he Turkish?


christ :joy:


His dad was a Turk, his mom was Palestinian. Not sure about the dragon, might have been Turkish, but probably Libyan.

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… and I think the myth goes back to Greek mythology. The Grace Of God must indeed be one of the many Greek gods. So English. Oh wait a minute…

Just look at the above, mention something relating to England and you get those certain types crawl out of the woodwork with snide comments. Really weird. Not wired up right.

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“Crawl out of the woodwork”? Do you mean posters that post on here on a regular basis, giving a view on a thread posted on the site?

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No, I mean crawl out of the woodwork who suddenly get their back up when something about England is talked about, hope that helps :+1:t3:

It doesn’t help, it confuses more. So far on this thread, the contributors are all regulars who post on loads of threads. You don’t post that they are crawling out of the woodwork on those.

By his own words,among other reasons, I wouldn’t take Dan too seriously.

"I’m guilty of posting in the political chats just to try and get a bite and then I don’t even read the replies :joy: "

He’ll be calling you a “fascist” next. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I do and I did. They’ve had nothing positive or even constructive to add to the thread, just snide comments. I know at least one is a grown man too, embarrassing really.

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Yet you’ve boasted of doing just that.

No no. Total difference between calling it out. But if you think I did then I guess you’re acknowledging what they are doing and that’s good enough for me. Enjoy your day, I know I will.

I only see these comments from you on political threads when others don’t share your view of the world.

I didn’t acknowledge anything. Just pointing out what a hypocrite your absurd accusations make you. Not for the first time.

Before this gets out of hand I’d like to add

Walsall football club where fully aware of it being made. , and the wording it contained, And have no issues whatsoever

In fact club will benefit from its sales


That’s not the point DH

Just because the club are fine with it doesn’t mean that every Walsall supporter is fine with it. If you post it on here then it is reasonable for members on here to comment on it. Nothing wrong with that is there?

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Have I said there is
I welcome the comments. Please feel free to Carry on. It drives sales.

And the more sales the more wfc benefit

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You appeared to imply it by saying that the club is ok with it

Maybe I misinterpreted your response - apologies if I did.

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Never any need to apologise to me belpth

I respect everyone’s opinion , some will love it some will hate it

But it appears it’s another massive success. And that is the only thing that matters to me as it means club. Benefit from it