New security fence in the retail park

Now we have a new regime, could one of the supporters groups ask the club to put a gate in the security fence, to open on match days.

We park in Broadway West and now I am older, I find the walk to the main entrance gets harder. The short cut to the rear of the discount store was a big help.

I do know of two other elderly fans who stopped going to games when the fence went up.


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Why dont you park closer to main entrance ?, just an idea :wink:

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I’m sure if you email outlining your predicament he will get back to you. Hopefully it’s something that can be done as on the rare occasion I make a home match it would make my life a lot easier!

Now why did,nt I think of that.

At the time, I think the club said that the fence had been put up by the retail park and that it wasn’t theirs to put a gate in.


Path would get boggy in winter but yes right pain if you’re in Tile choice lower and have to walk all way round crescent just to get there.

and whilst were are at it ,why not get the old wallows lane opened up, which is now a cul de sac (opposite the retail park to the top of the bridge by fellows park) just some plastic bollards to move out. – recon it would help clear the traffic after a match.:zipper_mouth_face:

Its all about funnelling foot traffic, for what purposes i dont know. If you have particular needs though im sure the club can accommodate something.

My old man stopped attending because of this. Adds another 15 -20 mins to get to the Broadway. Can see why they did it but a gate would be helpful.

Surely he can park on the car park,it’s only a 2 minute walk to the ground then.Or maybe there are parking bays specially for disabled/physically impaired fans.

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There are - but since last season they are only for season ticket holders, and this year they’re charging £30 (previously free).

I have problems now walking to the ground from where we used to park but have for the last few seasons bought a st for the green zone car park. It has made things so much easier. You can also just pay on the day if that helps.

When i WAS going, i used to pretend i was staying at the hotel and park for nothing :see_no_evil:

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If you’re bright enough (and brazen) enough to try and get away with it, why not I say :rofl:


You seem to have dedicated your life to getting freebies. What do you actually pay for?

Alcohol food mortgage elecrtic and gas, although there was a time i tried to evade at least 2 of those at one time :wink:


Was the hotel even built then


Well, Monkeydog, it looks as though none of the supporters’ groups are too interested (suppose getting the beer in is more important :laughing::laughing:). I park in Broadway West too (and I’m not disabled or particularly old) and I find the walk a marathon since the fence went up.

The fence is the property of the retail park. It was erected because the path (on the retail parks land) was getting slippery when wet and the retail park would be liable if anyone got hurt.

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I wonder if the club could liaise with the owners of the retail park? and try to sort something out, i am sure it would’t take a lot or cost a lot, and it would go a long way to show good will with the fans.