New shirt launch from Issa

Independent saddlers supporters association

We promised you a cracker to launch the new year and to coincide with the launch of. our re vamped website which will go live on Jan 8th

And here it is. We are going right back. In time. With this one. And. They don’t come much more old school than this beauty

Cast your mind back to a time 44 years ago when a certain
Blond haired striker that went by the name of Alan Buckley.
Was. Ripping it up at fellows park, Being ably assisted by the likes of. Acka birch, Roy McDonough Brian caswell, Colin Harrison Dave serella. A very young mr Kenny mower. And. A player who was without a doubt one of the most gifted ever to pull on a saddlers shirt Ian Paul. And a host of others, And it takes you right back to this timeless classic shirt

You will be able to pre order this item from the 9th of Jan. From our revamped Shop And for the older ones amongst us it will be a trip down memory lane, whilst for our younger fanbase it will bring another classic back to life

Obviously we will have to omit the umbro badge. And the open neck will have an infill and button fastening, but this shirt. Has been sent to spall for there design team to match the material and colour. As per the original

As said our revamped website will be launched on the 8th. And this beauty will be available to pre order. For a limited timescale only

I can remember queuing at sportico. With my late father. As you walked up. The old market to get this one. When it was the only shop that stocked it. In Walsall

And would never. Have it washed afterwards. as. Buckley and the team signed it. Such Wonderfull memories and can’t wait to. See this one delivered

Big thank you to. Steve tommo Thompson. And Dan Scott for there input in bringing. What is a very special shirt. To many back to life

I’ll be honest it looks awful :confused:


Pics don’t do it justice mate. Nearly 44years old.

Maybe just my generation mate, I suppose the older generation will appreciate it more.

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It’s a piece of history. Admittedly by today’s standards it looks like a crop top!

Looks like it’s designed to fit the older generation as well :wink:

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It’s a kids top that one surely if it’s DHforever’s from 44 years ago :rofl:

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It’s a small size in pic mate. To fit 34 chest.
Been sent to spall to replicate design only. And colour match. Finished shirt will be. Available in a range of. Sizes as per all the others we have done
But you are bang on this is the version sportico sold to fans And one pictured is a kids shirt.

It had a few. Differences. To the one players wore. Which is the one we will be replicating as pictured below. Worn by Brian caswell

and Dave serrella