New shirt release

Independent saddlers supporters association

Ref red. Plc technology retro shirt

The shirt is now availible to pre order

Only available via the 1888store.

The very first shirt worn at bescot And another. Classic brought back by the independent saddlers supporters association ,

High quality shirt with all logos and club crest fully sublimated intothe material

Only availible for a very limited pre order timescale. So don’t miss out

Use the link below to guarantee yours because once order goes over we can’t add to it , we have had many. Contacting us wanting. To get these items after the preorder timescale has expired, But each one is made to order only so as said. Get yours now, Will make ideal Christmas gift for any saddler.

Only availible. From our online store


Interesting fact I remember about those 1990 Ribero Shirts

No two shirts were ever identical

That wavy pattern was different on every top

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Correct mate. It’s the same with these ones