New signing?

Anybody heard about a player we are interested in from non league Swindon and somebody else 23 attacking mid

No idea but wouldnt mind signing any of the stockport players.

They were amazing and would not look out of place in League 1.


There’s a link on the Rochdale match thread about a 23 YO midfielder.

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Salford interested thats that then lol


Peterborough signed a young lad from Kings Lynn the other day. A striker I think, 18 years old, undisclosed fee. I’m glad we’re looking outside of the League as well.

As for this lad, Salford will be able to offer bigger wages, and presumably Swindon too, so we need to sell it on the basis of him being more likely to play regularly here, and in front of more than two men and a dog, which is what would be watching him in Salford. Matt and Jamie can hopefully do a hard sell on him and get him, assuming they want him of course.

Every team i have seen play outside of the league have amazed me :astonished:

Ex Derby county

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Having seen Stockport and Solihull replays they would most probably be top ten in our league this season both were miles better than us currently.


Salford have called a young loanee back early from Telford United, so are they having issues with the depth of their squad?

Great to hear Ian Evatt telling everyone that Bolton were the best team in the League, since which time they have beaten Crewe at home, end of. Almost as much of a **** as Clarke.

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After watching them i would say problems with quality

That’s because a few of them were in league 1! Paddy Madden and Sarcevic must be on over 5k a week between them if not more to drop two divisions.

Was a very good game though and would be good to see Stockport back in league soon as it’s a very traditional club.


Not possible nobody on this planet is anywhere near Clarke the gobshite

If it is true and we are interested in a player already that’s good as it’s us being proactive for a Change. I wonder in what positions of at all we will try and recruit for in january

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Should we possibly consider recruiting in the January window we would certainly have to offload some of the junk on our books first!

& Edgeley Park is dead easy to get to on the rattler too!


Let see get rid of, A Taylor, bates, Perry, kinsella, kieran,shade,osadebe, mills,

And spend savings on a left back attacking midfielder and a actual striker.


Hmmmm, really not sure about that.


Bates i can see happening the rest i doubt it be lucky if we sign more than 2 i agree with you on players needed and positions.

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