New signing

Dont think Crewe were very impressed with him by the looks of it :joy:

Im happy with the signing on paper though he’s got some good pedigree. We can all see through the word “Permanent” though. Lets hope he does the job between now and then.

“Illness” I heard?

No idea what he’s like or anything about him, but at least there’s one of the 4 players minimum we need before the end of the month.

He seems to have had his fair share of injuries over his career, but let’s hope he can do a good job for us :+1::+1::+1:

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I think if we had signed Khan until the end of the season we would have all been reasonably happy. Would have worked well for both sides.

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Hard to get excited over a player that hasn’t been able to forge a solid career… the short term contract is also a give away on his quality.


Rochdale-supporting mate liked him when he played there under Hill.
Said he never let them down when he played in the centre of defence although Hill often played him at right back.
He describes Daniels as ‘quite cultured for a no-nonsense defender’

Good news that

Donervon quote: “I’m really happy to finally get the deal done”

“Finally” implies it has taken time and isn’t a knee jerk reaction to Menayese’s suspension.


Posted on other thread, one of my mates is a Crewe fan home & away, described him as awful and thrilled they have got shot of.

Let’s hope he finds his mojo with us; but 6 month deal. At least it’s a signing. Wish him well.

Looking at his career he seems to have been blighted by injuries.I wish him well…lets hope he can help Leak get through tomorrow night.

I wish him well - I hope he actually goes into the side tomorrow and plays well.
We need more signings though - are we going to see any? I’m not sure…

When I say things like that it usually ends up with the player doing his hammy in the first 10 minutes and not seen again for months

Pomlett has just said he’s hoping for 2/3 signings by the end of the day

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Let’s hope they are better than the first one

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There’s that word again - hope.
Anyway, I’ll keep everything crossed and see what transpires.

For god’s sake give the bloke a chance , who were you expecting John Stones or similar


Did Donervon Daniels play a pre-season game for us as a trialist a few years ago, possibly under Keates or Whitney?

He didn’t, no.

Keates took Christian Mbulu on trial for the game against Ajax, pretty sure people thought it was Daniels at the time.

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We’re so delighted that we offered him contract until the end of the season :rofl::rofl:

Crewe fans slaughtering him :man_facepalming: