New signings

Connor Johnson and Connor Ronan from Wolves

Ronan is an unbelievable signing for me.

Johnson the back up we need at centre half.

Pheeewww !!!

Is Ronan a centre mid?

Ronan played for Portsmouth last season making 16 appearances, he has played for the Wolves 13 times. Republic of Ireland U21 internationa;l

Look forward to seeing what he’s about tomorrow if hes in the squad

signed too late for tomorrow’s game

I feel a bit Conned.

I’ll get me coat, off to China for 2 months.

2 Dingles, KeatsOut!



Be interesting to know what the average age of the squad is now after those 2, Alan Hansen can chuff off!

Yeah. More attack minded than the centre mids we have.

Ronan looks ok but I think we need a more experienced player as CB cover. I suppose that it is difficult to recruit someone to fill that role. DK has clearly failed with his number one option in this position. That is not a criticism by the way but is an observation. Maybe we will sign a free agent more experienced player soon.

Ronan getting rave reviews on Twitter. Was very impressive for Pompey second half of last season and had been expected to be rejoin them.

I can’t see us finding a decent centre half willing to sit on the bench every week to be honest.

Might get criticism but saw Matt kilgallon has been released by bradford, not the youngest but surely a bit of experience and can’t see him wanting too much, wouldn’t be the worst signing in my eyes, even on short-term

Not impressed but hardly ever am tbf, this is because I know very little about them

Ronan was one of the players the dingles were disappointed wasn’t getting any football when they signed all their stars. He’s held in high regard with a lot of their lot. I think he’s a great option to have.

I agree but if either of the lads get injured it leaves us really short. A free agent may yet come.

Well no it leaves us with a youngster rather than an experienced player.

I’d have preferred experience but I’ll wait to see what this kid is like first before I say short.

Ronan is an amazing signing … well happy , superb coup for the club.

Not impressed with the cb tho, hope we sign a free agent