New striker suggestions

I’m hoping that there are some good youth team players at local clubs (league or non league) that might fire the imagination in January. I was looking at free agents and it really is slim pickings ( a bit like the available managers list too). I wouldn’t mind going down the foreign route because Omar Mussa looked quite good and had the spark that someone like Stewart could work with.

As a name to throw in, I would like to see the club go for Liam Delap at Manchester City on loan. Still very young but lightning quick, strong and hungry. Son of Rory (who lives in Derby and works at Stoke City so the family are based quite local) and surely the prospect of working with Marcus Stewart would be good for his development.

Was top scorer at England u17 tournament so bags of potential. Probably not a 90 minute regular but we tend to keep it tight for the first 60 minutes anyway so he could start as an impact sub and then with goals and confidence, he could help get the belief back to the club.

I can remember the impact of a very young Defoe at Bournemouth so I think that it would be worth a phone call. After all, we did similar with George Evans who turned out to be a brilliant loan signing just four year ago.

Tend to keep it tight ?

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We will more than likely have someone from the Villa given Smith and Clarke’s relationship.

Cameron Archer possibly. He’s scored a few goals for them including in the EFL Trophy and he’s from Walsall.

I’ll have a go. Can’t be that much worse.

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Archer is definitely someone who can find the target.

Go over the park on Sunday and you will find better strikers than what we have got and play for nothing to get the chance they are wasting.

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Dunno about strikers but me and @RobHarv3y could point you in the direction of a centre mid in the Welsh Premier League!

Alex Fletcher, way too good for that league. Think the ship has sailed for him unfortunately, and definitely isn’t a DC player :joy:

I think that we need to accept that we won’t be bringing in any ‘names’ or proven players as such - more likely to bring in a young striker from a Premier League under 21’s (raw with potential, but unproven). Could prove to be a success, but could backfire spectacularly given our league position and negativity surrounding the club atm.

I’d like to see us go for Alex Kiwomya from Doncaster Rovers. He can play out on the wing or through the middle.

Interestingly, Marcus Stewart would have played at Ipswich with his uncle, Chris Kiwomya.

Also, Alex went on loan to Chesterfield when LLera was coaching there so the potential is there if Pomlett/Clarke are prepared to invest in the wages…

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Brett Pitman