New striker?

Never seen them in the same room…



I’d say more like this my friend…

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That’s his best position mate,ON THE BENCH…:grinning:

Glad he’s found his level.

Love it

I believe he has found his level and its higher than Walsall and the bottom of league 2

Probably. Warming the bench in some ■■■■-pot league against the mighty Shitterton Rovers every other week. 8k in a ‘top of the league’ nail-biter.? Sounds proper big time.

Was you on the beers early?

Probably still freaking out over his massive crowd experience.

8 thousand fans. In one place!

Great result for ye boys today… game getting called off, at least ye didnt lose to the mighty Stevanage…

Called it. :beers: :beers: :beers:

Jesus…Take your troll work elsewhere its boring…

Do you stink of ■■■■ like Gaffney ?