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Continuing the discussion from Fryatt Hotel Watch - 2021 Summer Transfer Rumours:

Kieran Agaard is still available and would be a great signing at this level

Him, Lee Novak and Nicky ajose would be worth signing. All can score goals. Here’s what’s left on my free agent shortlist and illustrates how completely sad I am.


Alfie Matthews
Mike fondop
Danny cashman
Nicky Maynard
Kashibo tshimanga
Kieran agard
Billy Clarke
Kyle vassell
Lee Novak
Nicky ajose
Mark Cullen
Aj leich smith
Danny Whitehall
Aromide oteh
Shaun Miller
Kazaih sterling
Rodel Richards
Colin Quaner
Adi yussuf
Cheikh diaby

We’ve got a rumours thread for a reason…

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