New strip

Whilst we are are all holding our breath awaiting the new managerial messiah to be announced perhaps we will be soon be distracted by the annual parade of the new strip for the forthcoming season, which always helps to calm those pesky fans!, where we can all go into a frenzy about the design, badge, material etc. I’ll state my preference right now, White top, red shorts, white socks!! Wonder what Gamble and Mole will pick!! :thinking:

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Adidas strip, red shirts, white shorts and green socks - Tony Macken to model.


Cant see it being a fashionable brand like Adidas. When i asked the lovely lady in the club shop why our casual merchandise was so nasty she said ‘it is what Walsall people want’. So the clubs perception must be that Walsall people don’t want fashionable gear. Makes sense:roll_eyes:

Last time we were in League Two we had the nicest home strip we’ve whilst I’ve been supporting.


I fancy a change: red and white stripes anyone?

I noticed recently that Yeovil Town asked their fans to vote on a kit choice online.

I wish Walsall did initiatives like this, even if it’s for change strip / 3rd kit.

I have no clue why the fans are treated with such disregard and disdain, particularly given the tripe served up on the pitch over the past two years…


I seem to remember that they did this in the past, early noughties I think.

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Yeah they did, was it not for the last season in the Championship?

A green and white away kit would be fantastic…

The new kit is being made by Macron. Red and white stripes. You heard it here first :wink:

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Give me strength! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Not bothered about home kit as it will be red in some form.

Thought the regular away kit this year was awful, grey with green shorts?! And will always be associated with a relegation season.

Go back to all white or all black for second kit please.

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Red shirt, with collar.
White shirts.
White socks.

Or a radical trip back in time to the late 70s and bring back the iconic Hungary kit.

Please no more all red kits.

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Can I throw in a curve ball heard it could be a green home kit

Based on the old Pound note I believe…

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No all red and nothing that looks like Stoke please.
I’m not submitting my design and why shouldn’t I?

All white top or white with thin red stripes red shorts and green socks with swift on badge pointing down to represent the state of our club.


End of discussion!

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Discussion open… :smiley:




I might negotiate :grinning:


Not a fan of the white kit tbf, although I think that’s probably clouded by the awful 07/08 & 08/09 versions that I saw us play in.