New Third Kit


Is interesting…


I really like it!

Wish they told us about it sooner though and even better to have a new signing in it.


It must be impossible to get a shirt with a collar?
Why not change the design as well as the colours?
No shirt for me again this season


It best glow in the dark


Grey? Not one for the bigger lads that.



Love it but are they actually on sale yet ?


They shut the shop early yesterday, I presume to stock it??


Like it, but the green badge…hmmmm, not sure.


I can see where we are going with this,we can now blame losing games on not being able to see each other like Man Utd did a few years ago :laughing:


Apart from toddler sizes, yes.


I think they’ve done a great job with this third kit, loving the lime!


Like the shirt, definitely not the shorts. Bit loud :slight_smile:


As expected they only have toddler size.
Are they going to get any adult sizes in before about March?


I purchased one yesterday and they had all sizes going up to 5XL !


Oh right, did you have to ring up and get one of the ones from under the counter?


Loads of people seemed to be wearing them last night and they definitely weren’t toddler sizes.


There was only one of each size hanging up so yes it was under the counter bagged up, i also bought a very smart white polo shirt with a red and black stripe across the chest. £70 well spent…UTS


Gotta be honest i think its cracking. Its very different and goes away from the status quo. Can get boring just seeing red kits or blue kits season in and season out


i must admit i loved the kits of the 70’s and i wish they would revert back to them :persevere: BUT i do think that the 3rd kit is quite nice.