New Walsall shirts for 2018/19


Unveiled by the club this morning, red at home :red_circle: and blue away :large_blue_circle: - thoughts?

Full story on the Official site.


Home kit looks standard, the away strip looks more like a Southampton / Stoke crossbreed and I’m not convinced … yet. :grinning:


I’m happy with the PSG style away, home one is a bit ‘meh’.


Like the new away shirt. Will get one when they are online.


The home shirt is uninspiring just wish we could go back to the old white tops and red shirts.


Not keen on all red, return to white shorts would be a nice touch.


Perhaps I’m being even more dim than usual, but if you had white tops and red shirts the whole team would be arrested for public indecency…:open_mouth:


:joy: ups i meant red shorts :wink:


Proper Kit


Does anybody know when the online shop is likely to be working?


Now you are talkin Holbeach :wink:


It’s been ‘access denied’ for more than a week now…


Cheers Simon. Thought it was supposed to be back up this week. Guess I’ll just keep trying.


I got it working this morning, ordered my new shirt…now it doesn’t work again.


(Just trying out the photo upload option)

Can’t say I like the away shirt.


Really like the away shirt. The home one is same as last season except someone at the club has used their colouring pens to colour in the collars


I know someone who uses a colouring pen to colour in the swift on the badge every year due to “there being no ******* gold on my shirt” :smile:


Like the away kit but home kit very plain needs at least white shorts.

I’m with others on here would love to see white tot red shorts.


I would like to see red tops, white shorts and green socks. Takes me back to 1980 when I found my way to Fellows Park, on the bus from Wolverhampton, after being told I should support the team from where I was born! Shame my cousins didn’t realise I was born in Walsall not Wolverhampton like them. Still supporting them ever since.


Love the new away shirt! I dont usually buy shirts but i would be really tempted this year.