New Years Day - Newport Game Possibly Postponed?

I see Newport have announced this morning their game against Orient on the 29th December is off due to their squad having Covid.

So it’s looking like our NYD game with them will be off too. :thinking:

At least we’ll be well rested to attack the playoffs……….


This is getting ridiculous now. Clubs have big squads and matches should be played if at all possible.

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At least this will give Dan Mole more time to sort out the bovril, beer and burger orders.


Hull vs Blackburn called off 2 hours before kick off now because of covid in the Hull camp ,this has to stop now millions upon millions Jabbed and football fans travelling to grounds and probably in the pubs around Hull as we speak having to go home because of this,come on now it’s time to move on this is a joke now an absolute joke.


Well the end of the season is gonna be a farce for loads of clubs.


I think there is a chance it won’t finish at all, to be honest.

It makes you wonder how many players have to have Covid before you can request a game to be called off. I think Liverpool had 3 or 4 out when they played Spurs.


So long as the testing continues the madness will follow. What time did these Hull players take theirs? Upon arriving at the ground? Feel sorry the Blackburn fans. Presumably they all travelled by road in inclement weather with no public transport on.


Mansfield played today so that will probably be next match…three weeks time!

Are Stevenage in 3rd round of the cup? Of course could just play one of the postponed matches on 3rd round weekend anyway if they are and another team aren’t.

No got knocked out by an non league team I think

Wasn’t it Yeovil?

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So not only the postponed games around Christmas, then the potential new years games being off there will also be a few called off on 8th Jan cos some teams are still in the FA Cup so their league games will be off too.

A few teams as well as quite possibly us, might not have played a league game for 3-4 week so gonna be a fair few extra Sat-Tues-Sat games on top of those already scheduled when (hopefully) things clear up a bit.

Not sure what the EFL rules are but I thought I read that Prem sides need 1 goalie plus 13 fit outfield players to play, so I find it hard to believe some Prem teams cant find that many.

Then they’ll moan about the integrity of competition and all that if one team has a few out and one team doesnt, but then if its called off and rearranged no doubt they’ll moan about fixture congestion then too :roll_eyes:

Yes that’s correct

Wel this is just absolutely rediculous now! Where the hell are we gonna got in 4 fixtures potentially more by season end ? There’s bound to be more fixtures postponed due to covid and the weather. This season won’t finish until next Christmas this way

Might be longer with the World Cup scheduled for November. :crazy_face:

The cynic in me would say it’s a convenient way for clubs who’ve long been clamouring for a midwinter break, to get a midwinter break.

As usual, the fans who’ve travelled a long way and spent a fair whack of money are the last ones thought about.

As it stands at the moment we only have 3 midweek games between now and the end of March so there’s plenty of time to fit rearranged games in.

2 of those 3 were original fixtures from start of the season (Scunthorpe A on 8th Feb and Oldham H on 15th March) with the other one now the already rearranged Swindon away game on 22nd Feb.

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Question is the season was ended early again or no spectators allowed would you leave your money in for a second season or would you want a half refund? X

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Nope, either them or us will be sneezing by then

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