Newport County (A) Feb 11th, 7.45pm

I was expecting exile to slap a lock on the thread after it turned ever so slightly but he joined in :rofl: he’s gone right up in my estimation :+1:t2:


Just opened a can of Jaipur forgotten how nice it is

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They used to have that on tap at the matlhouse in Willenhall it’s addictive :yum:

Thornbridge opened one of their own pubs in Brum before Christmas on Colmore row it’s a quite a smart place with great beer at quite a reasonable price for the city centre . If you like Weiss beer the Versa is worth trying and your right Jaipur is addictive


It’s true: you couldn’t kick the ball far because of the swirling wind - and you couldn’t “get it down and pass” because of the crap pitch. Also, Roberts appeared to be wasting time from about two minutes in. Is he always so slow?