Newport County game

Rearranged , now Wednesday Feb 24th. 5.30 kick off.

Looks like a…ahem…working from home day!

Loads of people “working from home” on the promenade today :joy:

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Strange starting time? Do the Newport players have to get to bed early or sommat?
Slightly off topic, watching a local news programme today showing miles and miles of cars (with an occasional lorry) stuck in a jam on a motorway, who are these folk, what are they doing and where are they going? :anguished:

No but most the locals are on tag so have to be home by then what a ■■■■ hole Newport is.


Though it looks like Las Vagas compared to Burslem!

I’ve got a chunky type story about Newport.

In 1990 I was asked to go to Newport to run a factory for a few months as part of a big restructuring project.

My girlfriend (who is now my wife) was still quite young (18ish) and hadn’t lived away from home before. The company had arranged for us to rent an apartment just off Stow Hill in the centre of town so we were quite excited.
After the removal guys had left, we went into town for a meal and a drink. We hadn’t even ordered our starter when the first fight broke out, with two women knocking ■■■■ out of each other. It was a taste of things to come for the rest of the night.
We went home later and to bed after a very long day. During the night I was awoken by a noise and voices from the kitchen. so armed with a seven iron I went to investigate. It was a bit scary.
In the kitchen were two blokes who it transpired lived in the apartment below. We hadn’t plugged in the fridge freezer which had defrosted and leaked through their ceiling. They had been banging on the door but we were dead to the world. They said that they thought we had dropped the stuff off and left so had to break in.
We stayed there for around 9 months and most Friday/Saturday nights were kept awake by the constant police / ambulance sirens.
It was like the Wild West.


When I was doing my apprenticeship for a company called Elmondstone Maintenance on the Neachells Lane in Willenhall in the late 90’s we did loads of work for B.P service stations,we worked on one on the main road into Newport once repairing the forecourt.We obviously got talking to the staff who worked inside the shop that was on the service station and the lady working in there told us some right stories about the local riff raff robbing the place and doing fill and runs right dump it was and I can vouch for the sirens they were quite regularly going off as they flew past the forecourt.Not sure if the petrol station is still there nowadays not been back since don’t particularly want to either.

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I used to make deliveries of certain goods to Newport back in the day, and i used to have to meet the recipients on Mcdonalds car park just opposite Celtic manor :grin: :wink: