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An interesting development.

A journalist for one of the big national newspapers attended the Focus Meeting last month and has been talking to a number of supporters, including Rob, about the situation at the club with focus on matchday experience.

An article was due to be published tomorrow, but it turns out the club have intervened and offered the journalist a meeting at the club next week, thus delaying release.

Would appear that a member of the board was unhappy that the journo had taken questions from certain supporter run sites, although he has been talking to supporters directly.

Will update as the situation becomes clearer, in the spirit of transparency.


How did they get information regarding the meeting , were they tipped off by one of our own ?

And how did “ONE” of the board know of this guy all of a sudden ??


The club will probably spout the usual lines - anything to quell bad publicity. Uncle Jeff would hate the wider public to think anymore than we’re a well run club in an area with bigger teams, in the shadow of the M6!


If I was to speculate, I’d say the journo contacted the club for either a quote or to fact check.


Very interesting, I’m guessing this is the S*N football league section in the Super goals pull out? They usually feature clubs not being run well with Blackpool and Hull featured in recent weeks.

It used to be Tom Barclay but someone else (Justin something) has been doing it this season.

If it isn’t, might be worth tweeting him and see if he’s interested in following things up.


This is an interesting development. I hope it doesnt stop the journalist writing an article and if anything the meeting with the club will just reinforce how we feel as fans.


Let’s ask him to look at the Rent Book to see if payments are up to date.


This is exactly why our board have got away with it for so long - you have to hand it to them they are ■■■■■■■ masters at this game - the absolute masters.


Focus on the ‘matchday experience’. Just what we need. The focus should be on the ownership of the club. The last thing we need is an article on what a ■■■■■ bunch of fans we have.


I think neglected facilities/poor customer service/high ticket prices was the focus.


Fair enough…thats good.


We could send the journalist some extracts from the excellent “price of football” feature on Walsall FC where it calls into question the control and the excessive amount of salary/fees/rent that the Directors take from the Club whilst hiding figures in the Annual Accounts regarding player sales etc.
Also calls into question the lack of clarity and breakdown of sales turnover as between the various income streams.
Lack of transparency is quoted.
That’s a surprise isn’t it.
Would be easy to cut and paste from that independently produced report.


Reminds me of an old film where just when you think you have escaped from a cabin in the woods, you scramble to the main road, flag a vehicle down and it’s your captor :rofl:


The Banks’s hills have eyes …


Yet another example of the absolute dictatorship that this club is. Ordinarily, ‘customers’ talking to the press about poor service might trigger some sort of realisation in the club that things have to change. Instead, they try and delay the release because some board member is ‘unhappy’ that a journalist has been talking to the proles… you know, doing their job as a journalist?

As mentioned above, the longevity of this regime is owed to their uncanny ability to stifle any negative press.

“We’re just a well run football club guys, the fans don’t appreciate it and are stopping attending. Their fault. Look at all these worse run clubs [insert former Football League club names here, change as/when they overtake us]. There’s really nothing to see here folks, move along. But before you go, will you be needing any event spaces in the coming months?”


Really hope this goes to press and the club don’t pull the wool over the national media’s eyes like they do with the local papers.


The trouble is, money talks, and thanks to bonser milking the club for years he has plenty of it.


Don’t worry, all they really need to do is ask for the learned opinion of BBC Radio WM presenter and professional irritant Paul Franks, the world authority on the subject of Jeff Bonser and the inner workings of Walsall Football Club since time immemorial. He’ll clear it all up for them, assure them that Bonser doesn’t take any money from the club and maintain that all Walsall should ever hope for is 17th in the third tier.

He’ll chuck them in a free beanie hat too for their troubles and in return The Venue will offer him a two week residency in the Bonser Suite for ‘An Evening With’ tour at 20% discount.


What the ■■■■ does Paul franks know about Walsall fc !!! He does not give a flying ■■■■ at the end of the day . I have always liked him but the way he totally shut down our supporters comments about bonser after the cov game really ■■■■■■ me off.


JK - you missed the bit about scheduled maintenance, repainting the stadium and putting a couple of taps in the bogs. And fans don’t see what goes on behind the scenes - the table tennis table at the training ground has a new net.