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I still don’t get how JB, who clearly knows how to make a lot of money from a business, saw his toilet handle business literally go down the crapper?!


I suspect like most manufacturing it has been superseded by developing countries.
That is no reflection on Jeff’s business acumen, your honour.


Wonderful AFKALS - I was in awe until I noticed you spelt curent incorrectly and undid all your good work! :joy::rofl:


Arses - right compound interest model !

I’ve bodged this around to get a year on year scenario, based on compound interest rate of around 6.8% pa

Whatever method you use it’s over £5m


Great stuff…well done


5 or 6 million out of our club and counting . Why does he not just do the right thing and slash the rent by half to give the club and supporters a bit of hope for the future at least.


Because he isn’t really our number one fan, he lies, he is his own number one fan.


Of course, he could correct my assumptions in the interests of transparency.


Anybody any idea of how much interest you make a year from 6 million quid ?


You lose 100% interest in building a competitive football team.


You’re probably better off investing in some sort of pension fund.


In Cyprus up to 20%


It’s his lack of interest in the football team and the club’s future that’s the problem!


Thank you AFKALS

So £5.5m rent + loans interest + transfer fees


Now that’s a pretty decent playing budget :sunglasses:


So it could be estimated that Bonser has taken at least £10m out of the club?

• £6m rent
• £4m in transfer fees, commercial profits, loan interest etc…

Total & utter leech


All the do gooders …he’s done this he’s done that for the club…he’s also raped the club of any decent chance of competing on a regular basis in this league ( never mind the pie in the sky talk of the championship ) other than lucky breaks here and there from players that have turned out good more by luck than judgment.


Bonser is definitely a do-badder :smile:


Nope. Don’t exaggerate. It makes it easier for him to defend. He’s taken the rent. Everything else is documented too. He does not take transfer fees, he may take loan interest, and profits are ploughed back into the club… the accounts say so, even if they are as transparent as mud.


Good post …there is no need to exaggerate what he takes. The rent is enough, The lack of transparency is largely to blame for these wilder theories though and the Club should learn from this but I doubt they will.