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Why the club doesn’t make public some numbers around the playing budget makes no sense at all.
It is most likely more than many think it is.


Yes, another of their many failings - communication. I’ve said it elsewhere on this site, get it right and it’s like gold-dust, get it wrong, well, we all know about the last 30 years!


The club should do this, the club should do that…

If it has never has happened since 1990 then it never will happen, not even a doubt about it.

It really is a case of put up or shut up.


If people shut up about everything they didn’t like, nothing would ever change


Tell me about it! Thing is, lots of people are happy to whinge on here about it where it has little to no effect, but when it comes to any action I just don’t see enough support for it.

I seem to recall marches in the streets of Doncaster, Brighton and many others, but hand on heart if it came to it I’m not sure Walsall fans have it in them. Maybe thats why Bonser doesn’t want a young, vibrant, forward-thinking fanbase - too many questions would be asked.


You obviously weren’t around in 1986 when me and and about a thousand fans (Maybe more) marched from the town centre to the ground to protest about Ken Wheldons plan to move us to Birmingham city’s St Andrews.Fans were scared stiff at the thought of losing our football club,compare that to JB taking rent money and that’s why fans aren’t on the streets protesting.


Looking at the Oxfordhsire teachers’ protest today, they portray themselves as ‘relentlessly reasonable’.
I think that suits us to a tee.


Must admit,I do feel sorry for teacher’s,it must be really hard for them to be able to find something to do during those 10 weeks of holidays…:roll_eyes:…Oh,and those training days they have just after they come back off holiday…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It’s no wonder they get blamed for all knife crime.


You’re not the first poster to suggest that. I said a similar thing on boxing day. New people see things regulars have been socialised into accepting as inevitable


Funny how they get blamed for having sex with a male/female student a lot though.


As Gamble put it at the meeting other clubs will know how much we have too spend and will inflate any targets value :thinking:


I think we just make an offer to out of contract players,most of them get better deals elsewhere,but you are bound to get the odd player who panics as it gets closer to the end of the transfer window,and he’s the one who signs for us…:smile:


The time off must be great, but the days at school must be soul destroying for many. Pay is pretty ■■■■ too.


I wouldn’t mind a soul destroying job with 10 weeks holiday Belphegor….:wink:


Spot on there…I was on the march and a member of SWAG led by Barrie Blower and Roy Whalley. As much as I think it is time for JB to go there is no comparison between the two events.


I know - it is insulting to our intelligence.

Of course, players sign for us for less than they get offered by other clubs as we have “one of the lowest budgets”. :roll_eyes:


I can thoroughly recommend the job I recently have taken up. 52 weeks off a year and no stress. :smile:


No stress? But you’re a Walsall fan…:smile:


Ah, well a bit then