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I’ve honestly never understood the argument about teachers pay being poor to be honest!


All relative I suppose.


13 weeks. Don’t forget half terms. :wink:


I understand that people may be envious of teachers, but I guess it is all relative as Belphagor says. For most of my working career I was a Finance Manager, reporting at Board level in major organisations and leading teams of anything up to 100 staff. During 30 odd years I never had any major feelings of stress.

Taking early retirement at 54 I decided to do a Post Graduate Certificate in Education following which I got a part-time job teaching Maths to adults at a college of Further Education. I thought this would be relatively easy - motivated learners and no unruly kids. I really enjoyed the teaching and got good results. However the admin, and the constant pressure from being monitored under so-called “quality assurance” measures was something else, and after a few months I ended up having to take two weeks off with stress.I then cut down my hours and did a couple more years before packing it in to become a full-time student.

Now I know there are far worse jobs than teaching - I’d hate to be a picker at Amazon or Sports Direct for example, but it isn’t the doddle some people think it is. And the money really is crap. I was paid £22 an hour which sounds brilliant, but the payment was for hours in front of the class, and typically I worked 2-3 hours extra per teaching hour, so basically it was a minimum wage job. On a like-for-like comparison of jobs requiring a degree and a professional qualification teaching is much more stressful and financially far less rewarding than my earlier career in accountancy.


I think it all depends on the individual Cooky….we had teachers when I was at school who you knew wouldn’t take any ■■■■ from a pupil,there were others who you could walk all over…I think I know who enjoyed the job more.


I accept that, I think every school had both types, I know mine certainly did.

The point I was making was that it wasn’t the teaching or interaction with learners which was the problem. I really enjoyed the face to face time with classes, and there was never an issue with taking ■■■■ from pupils because my classes were made up adults (19 to 60-odd year olds) who were there voluntarily. It was all the pointless documentation that had to be kept up to date in case Ofsted turned up, like schemes of work and lesson plans which you never actually adhered to because you had to be flexible depending on what happened in class. Everything was geared towards back covering - as long as you produced the “right” documents the senior management of the college was happy, irrespective of whether you were a good teacher or not


Maybe you shouldn’t have retired early then @cookyskid :rofl::rofl:


Actually my earlier career was ■■■■■■■ boring. Anyway enough of me perhaps its time to get back to the original topic!


Point taken chaps.

Please don’t take offence, but do you think you would have that fight in you again if it came to it as you are both now older? Bonsers model at present is going to keep us fighting relegation in this division year upon year (that’s if we don’t go down) and we are losing fans at a pretty quick rate.

I would like to think something has to give, but I really don’t think it will…for whatever reason even if what happened in 1986 happened again, I don’t beleive we would have the fight this time.


Agree Funk.
The whole town seemed to be behind it back then and was a lot of media coverage and momentum.
As has been said on here many times the club has lost its connection with the town through years of neglecting its fans and future fan base making little or no effort as long as the rent is paid.
So no unfortunately, i don`t think, apart from the loyal fans and a few stragglers that anyone would basically give a toss about WFC.


We have to hope that people see it as an opportunity to get rid of this un caring regime and get our club back and try and replicate what Blackpool have done , it was brilliant seeing their stadium full again and made me feel so jealous its not us


Well if there was an immediate threat I think people would rally round and although I am getting on there is still fight left in me, However there is no catastrophic event likely to happen under his control . The biggest danger with his stewardship is that people will just get bored with our rather mundane existence.There are signs of that now and we desperately need new thinking… That is why I support the approach being taken by those on here who are meeting the Club etc.,to try and influence things gradually .


If exactly the same thing happened funk,then yes,I think it would have as much support. There were people of all ages at the 1986 protest,not just us young uns (if you can call 31 young :roll_eyes:) but as others have said,as much as Bonser is disliked,there is no threat to the club like there was in 1986.


This is the problem - in the eyes of those who don’t spend their hard earned at the club/and who love it, there is no problem (we are a well run small club blah blah blah…)

It could be argued that this is again part of the successful strategy deployed by JB and his associates who frankly don’t want passion and support from the townsfolk just in case they object to him - (excuse the unnecessary sarcasm but I wanted to get that off my chest!)


Ownership issues at Port Vale getting some national attention.


Maybe, if I did a streak across the pitch at the next home game, they would take us seriously.I
Must warn you though,I am 63,and I’ve let myself go a bit,also you’ll have to keep your eye’s peeled, because even that old steward with the limp will probably rugby tackle me to the ground after about 5yds…:rofl::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I believe this was you in your younger days, Sid, though I have forgotten what it was you were protesting about!



No Hull…they would of needed a bigger hat mate…:wink:


“that old steward with the limp what”??? :grimacing:


Great stuff @AFKALS . Don’t forget that the asset itself will have appreciated hugely in value too…

I think it was originally purchased for £300k. An amount that was apparently impossible for the club the raise. It is now worth around £6m.

So you add that to the rent accrued and you get to around £11.5m.

If we entertain the apologist argument for just a second, the pension fund has invested around £2.5m on stuff that the club gets the benefit of revenue from (in exchange for rent increases and of course a further appreciation of the asset itself)

So you’re talking about a pre tax profit in terms of rent received and asset appreciation of around £9m.

It is a virtually unique situation in lower league football where a supposed supporter of the local club who has the privilege of owning it, has made such hay on the back of it.

The bigger damage is the Bonser story that lots and lots of people hold in their heads. It doesn’t really matter if those stories are accurate or not but I’m going to make a conservative guess that since 07/08 (the stats suggest that following the Dann/Fox sales this was final straw for many) 1,500 punters have stopped going. This equates to around £375k per season or over £4m since the summer of 2008.

Really importantly the overall model is strangling the club of the oxygen that generational hand down provides. Securing the next generation isn’t just about ticket offers and play zones. It is also about the story that surrounds the club. People, and kids in particular, love a story. Something to believe in, something to have faith in and ultimately something that matters enough to make to behave in a certain way. The Walsall FC story has been wafer thin since 2008 with what now looks like a fortunate blip 2014 -2016. What is our purpose? What is the narrative that binds community and club? Why should the fortunes of Walsall FC matter? Unfortunately for far too many the purpose has become the funding of a pension, there is no narrative and therefore the fortunes of the football team don’t actually matter enough to enough people because its purpose prohibits any kind of emotional or financial investment.

In short. The maths are powerful. But the emotional dis-alignment that the arrangement creates will ultimately do as much, if not more damage.