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Another decent summary of our plight under the current siege ownership situation

The question is what is happening to the movement that was created to seek a mutually beneficial ‘new relationship’ and to push for positive change at the club?

I was reading the article covering BB’s funeral and Roy Whaley made a statement that ‘whilst there is a WFC there will always be a legacy of BB’ and whilst this is true (thanks to BB’s love and passion for the club) i couldn’t help but feel that it sort of indicates from RW that there’s a question mark over the future of the club??

Did anyone else feel that or is it purely a case of his ongoing negative narrative towards the supporters and townsfolk of Walsall hitting my sensitive button again?

In response to PT’s post, I feel that although other clubs ownerships are currently receiving press coverage ours is seemingly, simply drifting nowhere



The reason that our situation doesn’t get much coverage is because there isn’t the type of hyperbolic noise that makes for press interest.

We’re not going to be homeless any time soon. And we’re not about to go to the wall either. The football club and stadium as guaranteed rent providers model prevents either of these being a possibility whereas there will always be a few clubs knocking around for whom one or both of these things is being touted as a possibility.

Our story is a dripping tap compared to the biblical flooding others talk about. It is also really hard to get your head around. So you either end up with journalists like those at WM not even bothering to try to understand it or you get the kind of tabloid nonsense this bloke at the S*n has come up with. Journalists like David Conn have had a go but when you write with integrity it has to be fact based and I think even Conn ultimately concluded that the situation at Walsall was a mere unpleasant odour rather than a great big stinking injustice such as those that reside elsewhere in the game.

The thing with dripping taps and unpleasant odours is that they seem irrelevant and easily accommodated if you’re passing by. But if you live with them for over 25 years it is a bloody nightmare to the point that all you can see, hear and smell are the dripping tap and unpleasant odour.


Excellent post PT


Summed up perfectly :frowning_face:


Nail on the head as usual @P.T!

I’m now of the opinion that things will have to get a lot worse on the pitch to ever get better off it.


Absolute rarity in that I disagree with a sentence P.T has written…I thought the S*N article was o.k actually as a general one to interest a casual reader.

Justin whatshisname has gone dowm in my estimation for making some ridiculous remarks about the Justice for 21 collection before Second city derby though. Bang out of order.


Fair play. Over 20 years In Liverpool means I have an obligation to hate every word in that ■■■■ stain of a rag. It’s an obligation I’m very comfortable with.