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It’s been said before (but well worth David restating it) the way the club reports its accounts is deliberately secretive perhaps even divisive in respect of the very general heading of ‘football and commercial income’ - what annoys me is that the current CEO was previously on the audit team appointed to the clubs annual accounts and no business I’ve ever been involved in would have been allowed to get away with such huge generalisation to avoid specifics…

Whilst obviously (and I stress) technically, nothing untoward is going on, the fact that SG has seen it from both sides and feels it’s acceptable is consistent with someone accepting that the clubs preferential approach to accounting is perhaps ‘less than clear’ with regards to detail…

To the casual observer like me, it stinks and shows distain for clarity - the only explanation can be that it’s deliberate and self centred so maybe SG can elaborate to clear things up?


Meeting with the club tomorrow.
Our meeting is Wednesday 3pm.


Good luck Rob


All the best :+1:


Hope the club take this seriously , and they take on board all that you present to them , and not just give lip service


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Good luck Rob and team.
Tell them it is for real not just a knee jerk reaction.


A clever move from the club, force the local angle with a more co-operative reporter…

Had a sit down with chief executive Stefan Gamble earlier today to discuss a host of issues on and off the field at Walsall. There will be a story in tomorrow's @ExpressandStar but an extended feature will be in Thursday's paper. It'll be well worth your 70p #saddlers #walsallfc

— Joseph Masi (@JosephMasi_Star) February 26, 2019


As I have said previously you gotta take your hats off to them. They know this game inside out…


You mean we will be fobbed off again?


The timing of this is very interesting. Clearly the points which have been raised on here have hit home. It will be good to see if he refers to the matters raised by concerned supporters. Best wishes for the meeting tomorrow to those who are going. I will be very interested in the feedback.


Just to confirm, the national paper guy had a 45 minute meeting with them straight after Jo Masi.


Will someone post a photo of the extended article in the paper on Thursday please for those of us not able to get a physical copy?


Which paper?


The E&S


Thought he was called National Paper guy?