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The club also granted the E&S a meeting with Stefan Gamble yesterday and are doing a feature in Thursday’s edition.


What paper is the guy from? 6 letters, 2 words


:sun_with_face: then


Shame it’s those scum bags! But if they get Bonser Out I may buy a copy.


The guy is decent to be fair to him.




Apologies if already posted elsewhere.


Usual blah! blah! blah! from possibly the worst CEO in football, love the photo of him gazing into the sky, perhaps he’s looking at that " pie in the sky" or perhaps He’s looking at Bonser sitting in the directors box having a cuppa and biscuits with Masi and thinking " I hope they’ve left some custard creams😴


That response is both typical and predictable…

Basically nothing changes…

His comments about the stadium and the toilets issue is so obviously ‘casual’ it’s simply treating us with contempt :unamused:

Yes the ground is 30 years old (doesn’t he think we know that) - that doesn’t and shouldn’t (EVER) excuse the crap facilities we have to endure as paying customers (dare I say they choose to ignore us as fans!)

It’s like we should expect things to be crap because the ground is the age it is - it’s bloody infuriating - try thinking about proper investment Stef - not just elastoplast temporary fixes when the ■■■■ hits the fan every time :roll_eyes:


Did it even address why we pay for the repairs?

Ok so additional investment in stands etc increases rent, but why do we pay for routine maintenance?

Cut and paste answers, as ever.


Common arrangement in commercial leases.

Doesn’t address why we’re paying rent in the first place.


Lol @ the entire article. Nothing new, just a poor PR exercise and the E&S don’t dare ask any difficult questions.

The underlying theme for me is that Bonser will only sell the club for an overpriced amount & with a guarantee of another 130 years rent.


So after all that where do we stand? We still have an owner we don’t want, we are still paying rent on a ground that the landlord tells us it’s our responsibility to repair? how the ■■■■ are we supposed to get out of this groundhog day? in fact we should nickname bonzo punxsutawney phil :fu:


We see more of Phil than we do Jeff


Rob did say it was a positive meeting. And I appreciate the time and effort he and others are making on the supporters behalf. At the end of the the day mole and gamble can only do their best which I think they are trying to do .Hope it continues. Bonser calls the shots transfer budget, ambition etc .
As said by others one of the things that pisses me off most is we pay 440,000 a year rent and still have to pay for repairs/maintenance to the stadium. [please don’t post unsubstantiated claims] bonser (surely some kind of law against this ).


I have massive respect for those trying to affect change and doing so in a constructive and professional manner. Thank you.

Today’s article though just reinforces that there will be no regime change for the foreseeable.

£8,000 a week Jeff takes off his club and puts in his pension.


same rubbish trotted out yet again yes they have introduced an under 21 option which is good but what about younger kids on a walk up basis? do they think every 10 year old kid wants a season ticket when they have never been before? its not rocket science how many of us on here went without a season ticket for a few years when first introduced to the club as kids? the majority at a guess you dont commit to a season ticket when your a young kid just getting interested make it cheaper on the day and we might have a chance of competing with other local clubs and you might get some future season ticket holders.


Easiest and best thing for bonser to say is the club is for sale to the right person with the clubs best interest at heart who is willing to invest . But we all know he will keep his nest egg in the family for the future generations of his family . Unless their is someone stupid enough to make him a ridiculous offer he can’t refuse . (Which is very unlikely) and he and his family know this.


Clearly it’s not up for sale.

Over the next 70 odd years of the lease we will pay the Bonser in excess of £40 million pounds and have absolutely no investment to show for it, most probably no even a football club

Gamble - as CEO really should be looking to move and rebuild the club so we actually own somethin* and can give us longevity or rather ironically saving us from our saviour !


Like I said gamble really has little say in all honesty in the way the club moves forward ( if he wants to keep his job ) only bonser can look at the future and what he and his family are set to receive every season (and what they have already received) financially and look to keep up with rest of league 1 and show some ambition for us to challenge for championship football.