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Reading the E&S implies Bonser is taking a Directors salary, something he has always denied.


Oh and don’t forget the loan repayments for the ‘club developments’ - M6 sign,conferencing etc etc - and just ignore the fact that the bogs swim with urine and the general fans experience is ■■■■…

I wish someone would ask JB or SG if they like their children to go to the loo on a filthy dirty urine splashed toilet with no bog roll or hot water for washing afterwards - it’s a disgrace and exactly why I won’t go until they get their act together and recognise the state of it all…

It’s a 30 year old facility don’t you know!


Operation Bullshine in full swing again.


This is why they love speaking to the local press, they won’t challenge them. Just the same words we’ve seen before. This big build up to the interview and E & S don’t even ask anything. It’s just Gamble giving his side (which we heard at the fans forum and a million times before that). Really disappointing.


I really want to say how grateful I am (we all are) to Rob for the efforts he’s making to engage with SG etc and I’m certain these will help us build a better rapport with the board in the longer term…

That said, this article sums up the apathy and lack of focus from both the club and the press (locally) - we absolutely MUST start the process of challenging them on the difficult issues surrounding the club whilst accepting the fact that JB will never relinquish his grip on the financial position he’s built himself - that simply will not change…

In any type of negotiation, there are always achievable milestones along the route to the final objective and it’s these on which I believe we have to focus in the shorter term (hopefully with these being directly influenced by Rob’s approach…)


As an aside to this very fact, a lovely park in the Liverpool area that was fabulously popular in the eighties has regrettably fallen foul of Council cut backs and gone to rack & ruin, will now be demolished and used for housing. Time to look at a similar proposition with the eyesore that is the Banks’s stadium on Bescot Crescent?


I’ve no issue with Joe Masi, I think he offers good, genuinely enthusiastic coverage of the club - but no local news outlet is going to push the players, the manager or any member of the board any harder than the club allow them to be pushed. It’s not worth having your press pass revoked.

The club will continue to give lip service and there is a significant number of supporters (as I’ve encountered over the last few weeks) who are satisfied, or at least content, with the situation at the club. As for those of us who are unhappy we have a place on this forum and on the WSFC website where we can express and share our views on the how the club is being run.

Waiting on Walsall FC or the local press to say something new or answer difficult questions is completely hopeless. As we saw with our friends up in Blackpool, it’s up to us to change the narrative.


A good post however I think the numbers who are “content” are diminishing. I am not content although I do not go along with some of the more volatile posts on here. As the article says under JB we had our most successful period ever and for that I am grateful. I never thought in my younger days I would see players of the calibre of Merson,Samways etc playing for Walsall BUT and it is a big BUT the current position where we a paying over £400,000 a year in rent which rises each year is not sustainable. Something has to change and that is my reason for supporting the work you and others are doing to try and bring about that change.
The most disappointing thing in the article is that it appears JB would only wish to sell the club and the new owner would continue to pay the ever increasing rent. That will not work. I have a number of friends in the business community who tell me that without the land the Club will not be sold…who would wish to buy a 3rd tier football club and be lumbered with a charge of over £400,000 before anything else. It just doesn’t make business sense.
We need to find someone or a group of people who are willing to buy JB out lock, stock and barrel.


If someone was mad enough to offer to buy the whole kaboodle lock stock and barrell Uncle Jeff would obviously snatch there hands off but he knows that that is highly unlikely so as per usual is playing his usual blame deflection game and just paying everyone lip service.


That’s my point exactly, which is why things need to be put into two separate pots.


Agree, and as a supporter who has only ever known the club run by Bonser I have to appreciate the success we enjoyed in the late 90’s to mid 00’s. But that good will is running thin for a lot of supporters because the club is now in decline.

The current model isn’t sustainable, and as you point out, the manner in which JB wishes to sell the club simply wont appeal to serious investors.


He has to be made to understand the moral outrage we feel at the way he has effectively trousered H. L. Fellows gift to us.


We all keep saying the same things over and over …

The top and bottom of this is Bonser needs to sell the club , everything, the ground the whole ■■■■■■■ lot …

Until he is prepared to join the club & ground as one there is nobody in their right minds ever going to agree to buy .

He needs to do the honourable thing if he’s genuinely interested in selling up , and not keep ■■■■■■■ everyone around with this b******t about if the right this , and for the right reason that…b@@@@cks


Reading between the lines, it’s the same old “shut up and be grateful” rhetoric that always comes out whenever the running of the club is questioned.

The club and the local media have built up this narrative that implies that simply existing is somehow an achievement for Walsall FC and to hope for anything more is unrealistic and ungrateful.

I think part of the problem is that Bonser genuinely believes he is doing the right thing and running the club the ‘right way’. The fact that the club can no longer compete in the division where it has spent the majority of its existence is blamed on other club’s doing things the ‘wrong way’.

I think Bonser and the board have got this fairytale future in their heads where all the clubs who spend beyond their means will suddenly go bust and prudent little Walsall will finally reap the rewards of always balancing the books. It’s never going to happen. Even those clubs that have gone bust previously (Bournemouth, Luton, Rotherham) are now light years ahead of us.

To be honest, I’m starting to hope we get relegated. If we drop into League Two and struggle to compete there, how can people still accept that the club is “well-run”.


100% agree with you

Outdated owner, with an outdated management style and outdated views running what is frankly rapidly becoming an outdated club…

There is little to be optimistic about supporting WFC these days and we are falling further and further behind other clubs in L1 and I think we’ll find the same in L2 if we end up there - will people then take notice of the reality of our predicament???


Absolutely spot on @milansaddler, summed it up perfectly! He believes his own hype and is blinded by it. He believes WFC is the only ‘well-run’ club on the planet and has conditioned the vast majority of supporters to think in the same way. All he has to do is make sure the E&S dust down and re-print the annual ‘look at how good we are doing’ news article and the sheep follow suit again. The problem we have is how do we change that narrative? I’m not convinced another round of tea and biscuits will achieve anything. I don’t think a struggle in L2 will either - we’ll just get another slow-motion promo about how good life is under King Jeff.


An out-dated club where somehow not finishing in the bottom 4 is presented as being high achievement, worthy of celebration. Instead, the board should be ashamed of this state of affairs and embarrassed by the last two seasons, both on and off the pitch.In any other company, those responsible for such poor performance would have been sacked by the owner…oh hold on…


It is a slow decline whereby each season, a few more don’t bother and fewer new fans get hooked. A relegation without an immediate bounce back would be another step towards becoming an “established” league 2 club.

Ticket prices are a bit of a side show compared with the real issue, I’m afraid.


The thing is,unless you go to Bonser with someone or some consortium,who genuinely have the money to buy the whole club lock,stock and lease,(and lets face it,there isn’t) then Bonser is happy to sit there taking all the flack (and rent monies) until he kicks the bucket.You can complain all you like but unless you have a fully costed plan he won’t sell,because he doesn’t need to,he can hardly hear the chants of “Bonser out” from the poolside at his Cypriot villa.


So as was to be expected, nothing has changed at all and nothing will change in the next two or three decades.

Only a multi millionaire lunatic would buy the club and there aren’t many of those around in the Pleck.

I’ve been pleased with the dignified and professional approach that Rob et al have approached protesting so far. But it won’t work. We need prolonged, organised, peaceful, noisy, coordinated protests, to get this leech out of our club. But alas that won’t happen as most supporters are as apathetic as our defence thus season.