Newspaper Article


I’m livid with this article and in particular the phrase ‘preceived underinvestment.’

Walsall fans are not ‘demanding investment’ in the team and club, we are demanding basic facilities and a basic functioning team to compete appropriately.

What we have is an owner / chairman / pension fund, who undermines the club to the tune of half a million quid a year, whilst reminding us that without him we’d be nothing and nowhere - oh, and we still owe him £1.1m thanks.


Relegation may be portrayed as a ‘disaster’ for the club, it certainly wouldn’t be for King Jeff, it makes not one jot of difference to him - his raison d’etre is to maintain the perpetual income stream for him and his family for generations to come and he set that structure up deliberately in a legally water-tight grip to ensure it could never be changed and he would never be forced to sell anything and he would never forfeit his and his family’s lifetime income. The state of the stadium, the facilities and the ticket prices are of no concern to him.


You’re right Tangoman - I said in a previous post, relegation holds no fears for JB as his relative financial position remains unchanged

It could be argued that if in any way successful, a season or 2 in L2 with increased attendances etc compared with a crud season in L1 might even suit him…

God knows when others (those who seem not to share our views as posted on here) will finally see through the blokes outdated and personally motivated strategy


Unfortunately, I think most supporters either are not aware or choose to ignore it or really just don’t care. JW’s position has been legally water-tight for decades and will be for decades to come. Nothing can change that, certainly not tea and biscuits. I genuinely believe SG and DM simply do not understand why we get so vocal and agitated about the pension fund issue. That is the worst part about this whole thing - it’s like banging your head up against a brick wall all the time


Disappointed you see it that way, Wiltshire.

We’ve looked at how previous campaigns have worked, tried to identify what went right and wrong and put in place some structure and measures that we hope will make the campaign sustainable and more importantly, backable.

This may be perceived as a slow start but we will be looking to make the campaign far more vocal and recognisable in the coming months.



I’ve posted all over this thread and forum, my absolute respect and gratitude for those trying to effect change and the approach.

I’m just pessimistic having read that article, that the leech will never change and has the club and ground sewn up for his own benefit.

I’m an admirer of your work, look forward to the next phase.


I understand what you mean, the whole club is organised and focused in one man’s interest and the rhetoric never seems to change.


Simon, new poster here but a long-term visitor to this site and long-term supporter of WFC. I would genuinely be interested in whether any protest / campaign has concrete methods to dismantle the legal noose that King Jeff has got on the club. Or is it a war of attrition with the hope he finally has enough and throws in the towel? If the latter, he has stubbornly believed his own PR for decades and there’s no indication he will turn off the tap on a £440k a year, unless you know different. This is not a criticism and it is good that this situation is at least getting continued coverage.


What would happen if the football club was bought separately from the ground, i.e. Jeff still got his rent, and then the new owners stopped paying the rent? Would we be evicted?


He’s far to shrewd to let a stroke like that be pulled on him , Walsall FC is the kingpin to it all, no way would he ever relinquish his majority shareholding and run the risk of the football club relocating somewhere else
Sad reality is we are stuck with him because far to many afraid to call his bluff and starve him out,
Money is the only god he worships to, and as long as fans keep contributing to all other revenue streams, , instead of just giving him there entrance fee, You stand more chance of knitting fog than ever forcing him out


The good thing about the Newspaper Article, is that it proves (not that this was ever in doubt) that a war of attrition is the only way forward.

The leech is only leaving by three routes:

  1. An unbelievable cash offer
  2. Sustained & highly visible protest/boycott
  3. His Death

Route 3, may make things worse, as beneficiaries would put up rent & call in loans.

If the club plummet through the leagues, can’t afford rent & go bankrupt, I’m guessing he would just flog the ground for other development.

The future is bleak, the future is bonser.


It all boils down to the whole stinking set-up being legally water-tight - there is nothing any outsider can do to change it. Only JB can change the status quo - and why would he? I don’t see how point 2 would achieve the goal we all want. I sincerely hope I am proved wrong…


Fair question. Obviously for a fledgling grassroots campaign it will be difficult for us to effect that kind of change at boardroom level, but I suppose if you asked a Blackpool supporter if it’s worth the ambition and perseverence over time they’d tell you it was.

It has been pointed out on one of the threads that there is likely to be a pool of knowledge and professional expertise among supporters that can be acquired/donated to make the movement stronger, so who knows how we can develop and what structures we can put in place. It’s about growth and persistence and like you say, it really is a war of attrition.

Realistically, the shorter term value is in making Bonser and the leadership uncomfortable and calling into question the way the club operates even on a basic level. So demanding improved facilities, better communication and fairer ticketing and pricing are ‘easy wins’ that we have pin-pointed from day one.

Budget restrictions for the playing side is a key issue and a good example of an area where the club should have no choice but to justify our investment as supporters. If they can’t demonstate increased ambition or funding, boycotting revenue streams and organising visable awareness campaigns and protests is the next step.

The Bonser PR rhetoric is firmly based on us being a well run club that always makes a nominal profit, if we persistently challenge that narrative (regionally and nationally) and work to decrease that profit margin it can only make his position more difficult and his percieved legacy less viable.

Whatever we achieve long-term, I’d rather we be ambitious and persistent and make at least some positive lasting change than being apathetic and letting the worrying current situation at the club worsen.


I agree with you Simon regards making the leadership (I use that word extremely loosely) uncomfortable and I’ve said before that I believe the campaign needs to focus on factual issues that CAN be changed to embarrass them into a reaction

The facilities are an excellent example where fans can take images of the crap we have to put with (no pun intended) and shame them into action - this has to be our route to ‘quick wins’ on the journey

Of course we shouldn’t have to do this but in reality we have no choice as it’s the only way to influence change

The emotional reactions (regardless of our heartfelt resentment) of the ownership position are inherently more complex and difficult to deal with

Phew - deep breath…


Agree, Coop. We shouldn’t have to cause a fuss just to have decent facilities and service at the stadium, it’s indicative of how little the club values supporters.


If i remember from past protests in the ground, he doesn’t like it , and in fact banned protesters and had stewards taking banners from fans, as i have said before i would be willing to do this if it got him some bad press and made him uncomfortable.


The value Bonser has banded around as i have been lead to believe was around 8 million pounds , was that lock stock and barrel or just the footballing side excluding the land ?


i would have thought that it was for everything ?


I was a little uncertain as people keep mentioning potential buyers wouldn’t want to pay him rent , well they wouldn’t have to if that is the selling price for the whole shooting match .

So can’t the people with the know how , and brains on here get a portfolio with what ever the asking price is , and try to find these buyers that he keeps saying haven’t got the clubs best interests at heart …blah blah

i get that no one in their right mind would just buy the football side , and still pay that ■■■■ rent


I wonder where the training ground falls into all this. Plot of land in Essington must have some value, and it’s an important asset to the club.